What was your most memorably bad shot in 2017?

By Dan McDonald
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What was your most memorably bad shot in 2017?

Golf can be a frustrating game and sometimes things just don't go your way. But it's those mishits and off-target shots that make you appreciate the ones you stripe that much more.

But there are some shots that just go so poorly that you have to sit back and enjoy a good laugh over it.

We reached out to our many followers on Facebook and asked which shots you hit this year were memorably bad and there were a lot of great responses. Here are some of the best ones:

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"If it's possible to shank a hybrid, that's what I did on a par 3 (my handicap index is 3.3). The ball sailed high, right, out of bounds, and careened off a port-a-potty on a roadside near a construction site. Two weeks later I won the club championship... LOL" -Dave Champagne

"Crushing the tee shot on the second last hole of the austrian amateur championship with a 3 iron .. 200m into the corner of the dogleg .. having another 150 in front of me on this lovely par 4 .. duffing it 40m into the water which was 90 degrees to the right and losing the championship by one shot :P" -Wolfgang Amade Lundi

"18th hole. I tried to do too much with a bad lie and only advanced it 15 yards. Then my frustration led me to hit a shot in anger and I made double to shoot even par. To top it all off, lost the hole to even the match and then lost on the second extra hole." -Dan Sanders

"Not me but my buddy. Playing TPC Las Vegas while on vacation bladed a gap wedge for a terrible uphill approach. In an attempt to calm his anger he chunked his brand new wedge into the desert. He calmed down while looking for he wedge...he didn’t find it. Not to mention that his bladed shot (that we couldn’t see due to elevation) ended up 7ft from the pin!! Lol" -Michael Todmann

"Was playing with a random group in Miami FL., went to hit a lob shop over a small pond in front of the green. Everyone is watching me cause they are already on the green. Feeling good, take my time, line it up. Blade it straight into a large rock near the green, bounces right back at me. Ends up about 20 yards behind where I took the shot from. That was a long walk of shame. Still had fun though." -John Hopper

"I made my first hole in one a month ago after 45 years. Next time I played the hole I plunked two straight in to the water and walked to the next tee." -Mike Thomas

"I never hit a bad shot all year. I was fortunate to be able to hit every one of them. A lot didn't go where I aimed though." -Jim Morris Sr.

"Hole 18 Par 4 to finally Break 80. Just need par. Drive goes left, nice recovery to green side bunker. Flub first shot in Bunker, 2nd shot from bunker to about 2ft. Tap in for Bogey. Shoot 80" -Steve Whitford
"Hit a tree off the tee, ended up a -30 yards." -James Buben 
"I was playing a captians choice tourney with my dad, uncle, and family friend. I was the A player in the group. Well, the night before i worked my chest and triceps in the gym so i was pretty sore the morning or the tourney. We get to the course and it doesnt have a range so i couldnt warm up. I get to our first hole which was a 135yd par 3. All the guys in my group missed the green and i hit last. I was thinking a nice smooth pitching wedge. Got up and made my swing.. hozzle rocket. I almost missed the damn thing lol. My dad looked at me like, " i brought you as our A player and you do that " hahaa" -Steven Shuffler