A Quick Nine: What's the best golf commercial you've seen?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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Editor's note: Believe it or not, there are people who tune into the Super Bowl just as much for the game as the commercials.

Weird? Maybe. But Super Bowl Sunday has become known for the release of many of the greatest commercials of all time.

With the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons squaring off in Super Bowl 51 this Sunday, we decided to take a look back to this piece from 2013 on some of the best golf commercials ever made.


In case you hadn't noticed, golf commercials are some of the best commercials being made these days. Typically, when it's commercial time, we take the chance to go grab something from the fridge, or quickly relieve ourselves (come on, we're being honest here).

But lately, there are golf commercials that are appointment viewing. The find of stuff where if you have a DVR, you might even find yourself rewinding to laugh one more time at the ad.

With such an abundance of great golf commercials in recent years, it's not easy picking out the best of the best. However, that's exactly what we tasked our friends in Facebook Nation with this week.

We asked: What's the best golf ad (commercial) that you've seen?

You might not agree with the list, and that's OK. But you can't deny that these are definitely some good ones.

Also, if you've forgotten the commercial mentioned, simply click on its name to go view it.


9. USGA's, "Hole-in-one." This one is more sentimental than the others you'll find on the list, but a fantastic one nonetheless. A young boy makes a hole-in-one while playing by himself. So who's going to be able to attest that it actually happened? Luckily, a greenskeeper saw it all unfold: "Hey kid! Nice shot!"


Facebook fan quotes:

"The USGA ad where the little kid gets a hole-in-one and no one sees it but the greenskeeper." -- John Polak

"Absolutely right John Polak. Nothing comes close!" -- Jon M. Cortez


8. Nike Golf's, "Juggling golf ball," commercial with Tiger Woods. Let's face it; this was the coolest golf commercial ever when it came out. Tiger Woods, juggling a golf ball on the face of his wedge, between his legs, etc., before bouncing it into the air and baseball-batting it 200 yards. Any oldie, but a goodie.


Facebook fan quotes:

"Tiger bouncing the ball." -- Mark Rydman

"Tiger bouncing ball on wedge then hitting it. Started the golf commercial rave to higher standards." -- Erik Babash


7. Nike Golf's, "And you couldn't center the logo," spot with Tiger Woods. Remember that absolutely absurd, mind-boggling chip shot that Tiger Woods hit on the 16th hole at Augusta National on his way to winning the 2005 Masters? He starts the ball about 25 feet above the hole and we all watch it trickle down, nearly stop and then -- with the Nike logo upside down for a second or two -- it drops in for a birdie. Well, Nike made an awesome commercial out of it, suggesting that Tiger could have been a little more grateful for his equipment.


Facebook fan quote:

"Nike... Tiger Woods slow roll cup-in with the logo facing out." -- Bradley N. Julian


6. FedEx's, "Arnold Palmer Tea," commercial. You know this one, right? A guy tells the waiter, "I'm in the mood for a Mark Stephenhagen" -- an iced tea and lemonade, he says. Of course, the rest of the world knows that as, "An Arnold Palmer." But, as Stephenhagen explains, "No, an Arnold Palmer is a completely different drink -- it's half-lemonade and half-iced tea. This commercial gets me every time.


Facebook fan quotes:

"I'll have a Mark Stephenhagen." -- Brett Smith

"Mark Stephenhagens for everyone." -- Scott Costanzo

"Mark Stephenhagens for everyone!" -- Brandon Hoover


5. FootJoy's, "Sign Boy," ads. For my money, nothing beats Sign Boy. There were just so many great commercials, including the one we highlight here, where Sign Boy interrupts an interview Curtis Strange is conducting with Davis Love III and Adam Scott. These were the best!


Facebook fan quotes:

"The entire Sign Boy ad campaign. He should still be doing them. Nothing compares to those." -- John Boutet

"FootJoy Commercials with Sign Boy." -- Chris Young


4. The PGA Tour's, "Dustin Johnson: Wedding Crasher," commercial. Scene-setter: A wedding is going on when all of a sudden, a golf ball flies into the reception hall and lands into the cake. Johnson climbs up onto the table and plays his shot as chunks of the cake explode into the bride's face. Great ad.


Facebook fan quotes:

"I think the one where Dustin Johnson is in the Wedding Cake. He seems to get in those types of crazy predicaments a lot." -- Tony Conwell

"This year I really like the Dustin Johnson one when he hits the ball off the wedding cake." -- Sam Tamberelli

"New Dustin Johnson at wedding." -- Benny Christian

"Dustin Johnson wedding crash." -- Charles Heppes


3. Nike Golf's, "Apologies." This is Nike's latest add for the new, red, Covert driver. It's emphasizing how far the ball goes with players teeing off and "accidentally" hitting into the groups in front of them. One of the funnier lines is when a guy tees off, yells, "Sorry!" Then looks back at his playing partners and says, "No I'm not!" The commercial ends with a golfer hitting into a putting Tiger Woods... something you don't want to do.


Facebook fan quotes:

"Nike driver -- hit on the green while Tiger is trying to putt. Tiger would 'hunt' you down." -- Kenneth James Shelton

"Nike with people hitting into the group ahead, 'sorry Mr. Tiger.' 'He's coming!'" -- Dawn O'Day Foster

"No apologizes with Tiger." -- Michael Franke Jr

"SORRY!... No I'm not!" -- Cameron Gillins


2. Kikkor Golf's, "Be yourself. Be awesome." James Lepp, the founder of Kikkor and a recent finalist on the Golf Channel's, "Big Break Greenbrier," likes to be different and make great videos (for example, check out, "A day at the office"; "The brand"; "The change up"; "The Saucer Pass"; and more). Chalk this commercial up as arguably the best golf commercial you've never seen. Luckily, for you reading, some friends in Facebook Nation have seen it and nominated it for this list. Without giving away the details/punch line, Lepp makes good on a long-running golf joke amongst the boys after a, "bunted tee shot." I'm not sure I can tell you more than that here without getting in trouble, so you'll just have to watch it for yourself. Trust us, it's fantastic.


Facebook fan quote:

"Kikkor Golf... James Lepp... awesome!" -- John Colin Baker


1. Nike Golf's, "No cup is safe," spot featuring Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. Reminiscent of the classic Larry Bird/Michael Jordan commercials where the two basketball legends play H-O-R-S-E by nailing ridiculous shot after ridiculous shot, Woods and McIlroy recreate it with golf shots. It's a fun commercial as both players bust one another between shots, like when Tiger asks Rory, "Dude, is that your real hair?" This -- even though it's new -- was the No. 1 choice of our friends in Facebook Nation.


Facebook fan quotes:

"Definitely the new Nike Rory vs. Tiger spot." -- Gary C. Kern

"Tiger and Rory's new commercial. Love it." -- Trint The-Goods Hughes

"Definitely the new Nike Tiger vs. Rory." -- Jessi Weaver

"New Rory/Tiger Nike commercial." -- Lincoln Musser

"I like the one with Tiger and Rory trying to outdo each other on the range!" -- Jeff Blanton

"The new Nike ad with Rory and Tiger!!! I think the ad is called No Cup Is Safe!! Best one I have seen!!" -- Wes Myers

"The new Nike Rory/Tiger ads are pretty good." -- Wayne Black

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