A Quick Nine: What's the best golf gift you've ever received?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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A couple of weeks ago, we asked our Facebook friends which golf-related items were on their wish-list this holiday season.

We received loads of great answers.

This is the season of giving, which -- provided you've been a good boy or girl -- means you'll likely be receiving as well.

With that in mind, we wanted our readers to tell us: What's the best golf gift you've ever received for the Holidays?

Again, excellent answers rolled in, which left all of us at a little jealous. Mom, Dad, my beautiful wife -- if you're reading, any of these will do!

Here are the top-9 answers you submitted:

9. Golf balls. Hey, you can never have enough of those, right?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Five boxes of Pro V1x golf balls! Hoping for eight this year!" -- Chris Lange

"TP Penta balls what could be better?" -- Zackary John F

"A four-foot tall red and white Christmas tree covered with real golf balls for ornaments that were handmade by my wife. She twisted the hooks into two dozen Top-Flites herself!" -- Scott McEntire

8. A new putter. It's the most important club in the bag and, usually, the one that outlasts all others. There are PGA Tour veterans who have been out there for 20-plus years using the same stick today that they started with as a rookie.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Scotty Cameron putter. Still use it today." -- Jason Johnson

"A Never Compromise center shafted putter." -- Jim Harrington

"My Scotty Cameron putter a few years ago!" -- Ryan Taylor

7. A range finder or GPS. This is certainly one of the best golf-related gifts I've ever received. It came from my parents last Christmas. You wouldn't believe how much more enjoyable a round of golf can be for a hacker -- or anyone, really -- when you have a good idea of what your actual yardage is to the hole, or to trouble. It's like having a caddie... But you still have to rake your own bunkers.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I haven't been playing long enough to receive a Christmas gift from someone but I'll probably buy myself a Bushnell V2." -- Justin Gomez

"A range finder. Now to find the first hole." -- John W. Sokolowski

6. First set of golf clubs. For most people, receiving that first set of golf clubs is the start of a lifelong love affair.

Facebook fan quotes:

"My first set of golf clubs!" -- Benaiah Hague

"My first set of clubs when I was 13, then using them while playing golf with my dad in Florida the next day." -- Ronnie Frey

"First set of golf clubs. Been hooked since." -- David E Buise Sr.

5. A membership to the local golf club. Hey honey... are you reading this one? This one might be a little pricey, but if you can swing it it's a great gift.

Facebook fan quote:

"My wife bought me a membership at my favorite local course last year for my gift and has already given me the same gift for next year!" -- Eric Bronsveld

"My membership to the golf club!" -- Sallie Ballungay Hanson

4. A trip to the Masters. You could probably chalk this up as the ultimate golf-related gift. It's like the golf gift to end all golf gifts. And, for those of you who haven't been lucky enough to set foot on Augusta National's hallowed grounds just yet, I hope you eventually have that opportunity. It's like walking into a picture-book and its way better in person.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Trip to the 2008 Masters." -- Morgan Merritt Lowden

"A trip to the '07 Masters compliments of my kids!" -- Ed Price

3. A Ryder Cup memento. Honestly, it usually doesn't matter which Ryder Cup you have a special souvenir from -- they're all incredibly meaningful. However, the one that our reader below received might just be a cut above the rest. There was nothing like the 1999 Ryder Cup at Brookline.

Facebook fan quote:

"After attending the incredible 1999 Ryder Cup and the comeback at Brookline, my wife gave me a Christmas gift of golf bag commemorating the '99 Ryder Cup. Still use that loving gift." -- John McIntyre

2. A prestigious award. OK, technically you can't receive this as a gift. You have to go out and earn it. So, congratulations to PGA Professional Bradley Patterson from Hickory Hill Golf Center in Baldwinsville, N.Y., for doing just that. Way to go, Brad!

Facebook fan quote: 

"Just got them Thursday... PGA Teacher of the Year and PGA President's Plaque. It is a fabulous gift to receive when hundreds of students start playing their best golf ever after just one lesson. But it's altogether different when your own recognize you as something special. Thanks guys!" -- Bradley Patterson

1. A family member or members in your foursome. Hands down, this was my favorite answer this week. After all, the season isn't only about giving; it's about spending time with loved ones and appreciating what we have. Is there anything that beats your favorite foursome?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Honestly, I have received plenty of valuable golf gifts over the years (clubs, apparel, bags, etc.) but every year my favorite gift is having my dad around to play golf with!" -- Joseph Tyler Walski

"When the family tees it up together on Christmas morning. Nothing material." -- Ken Van Vechten 

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