A Quick Nine: What's your best reason for why you play golf?

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Throughout May, we're celebrating, "Welcome to Golf Month."

Welcome to Golf Month uses complimentary lessons as its foundation of the program to create a welcoming atmosphere to encourage new players to try golf.

Facilities may offer Get Golf Ready, introductory programs and clinics, Welcome to Golf Days and Bring a Friend activities and invite golfers of all abilities (beginner through avid) for fun and to make it easier to stay in the game.

In the spirit of Welcome to Golf Month, we asked our nearly 180,000 friends in Facebook Nation: What's your best reason for why you play golf?

As usual, you all aced the assignment. Here's a look at some of the best answers we received:

9. Simply put: it's the best game there is!

Facebook fan quote:

"Because it's the best game a person can play." -- Michelle McAlister

8. It's a great way to unwind.

Facebook fan quote:

"It's so much fun and just relaxing." -- Zach O'Brien

7. It's just you against the course.

Facebook fan quotes:

"No defense... you play against par." -- Alice Price Tesnow

"Golf is about the success and failure of only you." -- Mitch Dilly

6. Hitting that one shot -- no matter your playing ability -- that keeps you coming back.

Facebook fan quote:

"One perfect shot and your hooked for life!" -- Lori L Messina

5. In some ways, it's a mini vacation from the hustle and bustle of life.

Facebook fan quote:

"It's like going on vacation without leaving town." -- Selim Ikizler

"You leave the world behind on the first tee." -- Guy Crawford

"Relieves stress of my job. Too busy thinking about my shots to think about the work I left behind plus I get to enjoy the beauty of nature and quiet serenity." -- Ginny Walker

4. It's a good time... no matter how you play.

Facebook fan quote:

"It's good for the mind as well as soul, even if you play bad." -- Chris Ormerod

3. It's a lesson in integrity and discipline.

Facebook fan quotes:

"To teach help teach my children the meaning of integrity." -- Kevin Vinson

"The game is all about honesty, integrity and self reliance!" -- Jack Barksdale

"Being on the course brings out your true personality." -- Christian Morlan

"The integrity and discipline is unmatched in any other sport." -- Jason Bergman

2. You're never too old to play.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Getting old... need a sport to play -- sports fanatic." -- Jay Bruce

"A game you can play your entire life!" -- Jacquee Nickerson

"Because it is a life sport. No one will call you to play football or baseball when you're 50." -- Scott Foresman

"It's the kind of sport that longtime buddies can meet, enjoy and have fun." -- Mohdrahim Osman

"It is the only true lifelong sport!" -- John Morton

1. It allows you to spend quality time with loved ones.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Golf allows me and my dad to spend time together." -- Cody Vaughn

"Spend more time with people you love." -- Spencer Sucharski

"I can play with my kids; forever." -- Brian Farrington

"You can have a match with your Dad and your son!" -- Brian Wetzel

"Father/Daughter-bonding. For the love of the game." -- Mike Daggett