A Quick Nine: What's on your holiday wish list?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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A Quick Nine: What's on your holiday wish list?

Things will change soon, I'm sure, but here in Southeastern New England we're enjoying an unbelievable Indian summer. For the last two weeks, temperatures have consistently been in the low-to-mid 60s. That's crazy, but in a good way, as it's extended the golf season for many of us.

This pleasant, unseasonably warm weather comes after we received our first snowfall of the season the day before Halloween! Just last week we were enjoying a great Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends and then the very next day it was off to the golf course. With that, it's hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner (Mother Nature's not fooling anyone... at least not me. After last year's brutal winter, I've already purchased a snow blower. Bring it on.).

As hard as it may be to wrap my head around, the fact is the holiday season has begun. So, for this week's, 'A Quick Nine,' we were wondering: what's on your holiday wish list?

Here are the best answers we received:

9. A new pull or push cart. I have to say, as someone who enjoys walking the golf course, I'll probably add one of those to my Christmas list too. Today's pull and push carts just look cool. And, with loads of accessories to add to them -- coolers, GPS holders, etc. -- it's almost like having a caddie.

Facebook fan quote:

"A new pull cart. It's getting harder to carry bag." -- Eric Xiong

8. A new golf glove. I hope those people who have the guy below on their shopping list are reading this!

Facebook fan quote:

"I need a new golf glove... mine ripped during my last round of the year." -- Matt Thomas

7. A belly putter. No doubt, the belly putter will be a popular piece of equipment that a lot of people will want. I don't know if it's a fad or not, but when Keegan Bradley wins the PGA Championship with one, Webb Simpson finishes No. 2 on the 2011 PGA Tour money list with one and Bill Haas wins the PGA Tour Playoffs for the FedExCup with one, you can be sure there are plenty of people out there who want to see what it's all about.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Belly putter." -- Keith Bousqua Pollock

6. A Tiger Woods victory. Based on his recent play in Australia, it looks as though Tiger may have turned a corner with his little slump. Some of you are eager to see him return to the winner's circle.

Facebook fan quotes:

"A Tiger Woods win. Despite all the bad things that have happened I would still like to see him do well. Golf needs him." -- Breckinridge Speed Stodghill

"I would like Tiger Woods to win the Chevron next week and Phil to get up to No. 1 soon. What a Christmas that would be." -- Sharon E. Dante

5. Tickets to the Masters. This is probably the ultimate golf-related gift. So, good luck, folks.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Tickets to the Masters and to break 80 this coming year. Please Santa, please!" -- Scott Milner

"To win a trip to Augusta and tickets to the Masters. I live in Australia and only ever get to watch it on TV." -- Terry Smith

4. A hole-in-one. I'm not exactly sure how Santa can deliver one of those, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I've got all the equipment I need. I'd like to have a hole-in-one from Santa." -- Byron Fulton

"A hole-in-one! And a few majors for Tiger!" -- Pepe Diaz

"A hole-in-one." -- Valerie Cartwright

3. A quick winter. Ahh... this one sounds good to me. Even if winter hasn't even officially begun. The milder the winter, the quicker the 2012 golf season begins for many of us.

Facebook fan quotes:

"That we don't get any snow in Wisconsin and I can play year round!" -- Michael Brown

"A short winter." -- Ronald Daryle Steele

2. A lower handicap. Again, this one seems like it'd be hard for Santa to wrap up and give you, but I have a feeling if you were to get this week's No. 1 gift request, it would go a long way with helping you achieve this one.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I'd like Santa to lower my handicap by 2 points. This will mean I have to play awesome golf the next 3-4 weeks... which means I will win all my friends' money... which I can use to get a new golf bag." -- Verne Kurokawa

"A scratch handicap." -- Meghan Green

1. Lessons. If someone on your shopping list is serious about wanting to improve their golf game, how about getting them a lesson-package with their local PGA Professional? Need help finding one in your area? No problem, we have you covered here with's Instructor finder.

Facebook fan quote:

"Lessons from my club pro -- one a week for the next 52 weeks!" -- Raymond Walters

"More lessons from my pro." -- Frank Kruger

"A week of instruction from Butch Harmon." -- Lee Scott