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By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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This week marks one of the best on the calendar -- Thanksgiving week. What's better than quality time spent with family and friends, taking a step back and reflecting on all those things in life we're thankful for? Sometimes, we might take for granted how lucky we truly are. Thanksgiving gives us a chance to realize that and find some perspective.

Oh, and who are we kidding, the food coma and football games are an added bonus!

In this Thanksgiving week, we wanted to ask our Facebook friends to tell us: From a golf perspective, what are you most thankful for?

Below are the best answers we received. Have a great Thanksgiving!

9. It's the simple things... like keeping the ball in play. I had to laugh when I read this one, because it's so true. I played what will likely be my final round of 2011 a couple weeks' back. When I stepped up to the 18th tee on the very difficult course I was playing, I thought, "Wow! I've played this whole round with one golf ball!" About 10 seconds later, I took a mighty swing with the driver and lost the ball OB right, off the golf course property. Still, getting through a round with two golf balls at that place was an accomplishment.

Facebook fan quote:

"Playing at least one round without losing a ball." -- Marc A. Slazak

8. The 19th hole. I'm not a frequent visitor of the 19th hole, but I do make the occasional trip. It's particularly fun and refreshing after a nice round on a hot summer's day with a few good friends.

Facebook fan quote:

"For the spiritual 19th hole... without which the first 18 don't make sense!" -- Shiv Hazari

7. The challenge. Is there a game in the world that makes you think harder than golf? No two holes are the same. Heck, on a day-by-day basis with weather, the changing of tee markers and hole locations, no one hole is ever the same.

Facebook fan quote:

"The great challenges that the game brings and all the different courses that make the game so much fun." -- Rory Spears

6. The sounds. Our friend John here hit the nail on the head in a big way. Golf is the height of tranquility.

Facebook fan quote:

"The sounds in the game -- the ball bobbling in the cup off a 10 footer, the ting off a driver and the flush off an iron, a leather glove pulling off a tacky grip, the flagstick clanging in the hole and the sound of a walking greens mower at 7 a.m., you all know these sounds, all before us knew them too. If I close my eyes, I can hear them now." -- John Godwin

5. The places you can go. The reach of golf is amazing, isn't it? Almost anywhere in the world you go, there's a course you can play.

Facebook fan quotes:

"The places this great game has taken me and the opportunities it has given me!" -- Brian Wetzel

"My golf trip to Portugal this winter!" -- Nick Blessinger

4. Bringing the game to others. Teachers and instructors do just that.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Being able to make a career out of this wonderful game called golf. Turn something you love into work and you will never work a day in your life." -- Edward Welsley de Gasperi

"Having the ability to teach the game that has taught ME so much! Cheers!" -- Janet Ortega

3. Having an instructor. This is the flipside of No. 4. While the instructors are thankful to have the opportunity to make a career out of teaching us, we're thankful for their help and patience.

Facebook fan quotes:

"My coaches that give me and other kids the opportunity to play the great game of golf." -- Crislyn Lucas

"My LPGA instructor, Lisa Grimes... she is the greatest!" -- Katherine Harrison Bennington

"I'm thankful for the chance to make my dreams for golf to come true... Going to be attending a golf management school and become a teaching pro, my dream! So thankful for being able to be the only girl on my team." -- Steph Rahn

"The pro at San Pedro Golf Course in Benson, AZ, who hasn't washed his hands with my game." -- Robert Michel

2. Golf is timeless and for everyone. Whether you're older, or recovering from health issues, golf affords you the opportunity to feel younger and invigorated.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I am thankful for my blessed life with good health and agility to be able to play golf even at my current age." -- Haji Jani

"As a 15 month Pancreatic cancer survivor, I am just thankful that somebody mowed the grass and that I get to put my feet on it." -- Don Hay

"A successful open-heart valve replacement of my favorite golf partner: my dad!" -- Chad Gibbs

"That at my age and with my health problems, that I am still able to play relatively good golf." -- Mj Martin

1. It's all about the people. Couldn't agree more with this week's overwhelming No. 1 reason we're thankful for golf. Nothing tops a round of golf with your favorite foursome.

Facebook fan quotes:

"The women in my EWGA golf league at Briarwood Golf Club who tolerates me on good days and bad." -- Bernadette Boguski

"That my wife loves to golf as much as I do." -- Mark Eastley

"After four surgeries for two broken and repaired elbows, I'm grateful that I'm still able to hit the fairways with my husband. A family that plays together, stays together... isn't that how the saying goes?" -- Eva M Wang

"Four and a half hours every week that I get to enjoy the outdoors with good friends -- while leaving my Smartphone in the car." -- Peter Brooks

"Being blessed to have five sons who share in my love for the game." -- David James Peterson

"The time spent with quality people in the great outdoors." -- Lisa Stensgard

"From a golf perspective I am most thankful for my son teaching me the true meaning of the game and how to enjoy it and all the surroundings. Just as important was how it can be a social venue for meeting a diverse crowd of folks who share a love of a very difficult and complicated game." -- Ludwig Kieschnick 

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