A Quick Nine: Where will you spend your golf dollars in 2012?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
Published on

More than 40,000 PGA Professionals, manufacturing executives, retailers and industry leaders are at the Orange County Convention Center for the 59th PGA Merchandise Show this week, where the latest and greatest in equipment, apparel, technology, tools, footwear -- you name it -- will be unveiled.

It doesn't matter how old we are, there's nothing like new toys.

So, in light of this week's PGA Merchandise Show, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us: What area will you spend most of your golf dollars in 2012?

Here are the top answers we received:

9. Tees. Yep, that's one answer we actually received. Either this Facebook fan is a comedian, uses solid gold tees, or he's buying golf tees at the wrong place.

Facebook fan quote:

"Tees." -- Rick Urbin

8. Golf balls. Understandable, but a little sad too. I remember spending each summer day playing 18 holes in the morning with a great uncle as a kid. On every hole that had water, my uncle would grab an old, crummy golf ball from his bag to use. He didn't want to lose, "one of the good balls." Nice, positive attitude, huh?

Facebook fan quote:

"Golf balls." -- Tom Lovell

7. A new driver. It's like a shiny, new car in a way, isn't it? Equipment-wise, it's probably second -- cost-wise -- only to a full set of irons.

Facebook fan quote:

"Driver." -- Padraig Conway

6. A golf membership. Man, wouldn't that be nice?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Membership." -- Jim Denoncourt

"Membership." -- Brandon Knowlton

5. The 19th hole. Hey, what can we say? Honesty is the cornerstone of golf... and our Facebook friends are honest.

Facebook fan quotes:

"The clubhouse bar." -- Jamie Gay

"Beer." -- Kim Colborn

"Beer and golf balls... Run out of both!" -- Patrick Doyle

"19th hole!" -- Donald Bull

4. Apparel. You've got to look good, right?

Facebook fan quotes:

"Apparel!" -- Anji Eure Gustafson

"It's not how well you play... it's how good you look that counts! Yay, clothes!" -- Megan McQuade

3. Irons. If you get properly fit for your new irons, you'll never regret it.

Facebook fan quote:

"Irons... can never get enough practice with those clubs!" -- Barbara Jones

2. Greens fees. This is probably the same category most of us fall under. Hopefully all that money you spend in 2012 is worth it!

Facebook fan quotes:

"Greens fees. I didn't play as often last year due to me finishing law school and now that I've done that, 'I'm back!' to golf." -- Kevin L. Warmack

"Greens fees by far! Nearly $5,000 in greens fees in 2012!" -- Chris Lange

"Greens fees, no question about it closely followed by transportation and accommodations to out of town courses." -- Shawn Thorimbert

"Greens fees." -- Ron Ramsey

1. Lessons. It's the only way to get better.

Facebook fan quotes:

"If taken seriously, lessons. That way I can work on all facets of the game. Clothing is nice but I would rather play better than I look. Drive for show; putt for dough. Green fees; you got to start somewhere." -- Rick Johnson

"Lessons." -- Steve Griffin

"I teach golf for a living, but I still take lessons from a 71 year old PGA Teaching Pro who has been teaching for over 50 years. Why? Because in all his wisdom, he works with me only on the short game (40-50% of your score)!" -- Neil Swartz

"Lessons." -- Steve Duncan 

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