A Quick Nine: Which golf club has impressed you most this year?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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Unless you're among the best of the best in the game of golf, let's be honest -- while we'd like to think all 14 clubs in the bag are our go-to club, that's probably not the truth.

For a lot of us, however, there is at least one go-to club.

This week we asked our Facebook fans to tell us: What's the one golf club that has impressed you most this year and why?

Nearly 200 of you responded. Below are the best answers we received.

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9. The 1 iron. This club came in at the No. 9 spot mainly because it would top one of those funny lists of, "stuff no one says," that people put together.

Facebook fan quote:

"And the winner again this year is... my 1975 Wilson Staff 'tour blade,' 1 iron, simply because the golf ball still travels far enough, to occasionally holler... Fore!"

8. The 7 wood. Right off the bat that's two clubs you don't see a lot of anymore.

Facebook fan quote:

"My 7 wood... Don't know why, but every time I hit it, it goes exactly where I want it to!" -- Jamie Lee Fiscus

7. The 5 wood.

Facebook fan quote:

"My 5-wood, because I have yet to miss with it." -- Cleveland de Jesus

6. The hybrid. In recent years, these clubs have been spreading like wildfire, replacing fairway woods. They're much easier to hit from a variety of lies.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Nike Slingshot Hybrid." -- Steve Dodrill

"The RBZ 3 hybrid -- 200 to 215 easily and straight. All other hybrid I was only getting 200 at the most with a slight fade." -- Ron Chaney

"My fairway hybrid." -- Danny Gamache

"Nickent 3 Hybrid." -- Nancy Gray Hubler

"My Taylor Made 4-iron Rescue, get out of jail free, pass go and collect the $200, hybrid." -- Eric Bronsveld

5. The 3 wood. While the hybrid war on fairway woods has been alive and well, the 3 wood seems to be that one fairway wood that a lot of golfers just don't want to let go. Maybe it's that go-to club off the tee when the driver is going sideways.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Rocketballz 3 wood. Amazingly long and straight." -- Jeff Raver

"Rocketballz 13 degree 3 wood! Most solid fairway wood I've EVER hit!" -- Walter Schmitz

"RBZ 3 Wood, Tour Model. Amazing Club. Almost has replaced my driver." -- Raymond Walters

"Adams XTD 14.5-degree fairway metal... boom-stick. The speed slot technology is legit." -- JJ Gosh

"Adams Fast 10 3-wood more confidence to hit from the deck on par 5s and tight fairway lies on the tee box." -- Nicholas Hadley

"Rbz 3 wood. Seriously has given me 30 extra yards. I can almost hit it farther than I hit my driver." -- Randy Williams

4. A set of irons. New sets come out every year and this is probably the least updated piece(s) of equipment in our bags. If you haven't been fit for a proper set, you should be. And, if it's been a few years since your last set, you definitely want to see what the new technology is like. It'll blow your mind (and most likely improve your game -- they're longer and far more forgiving now).

Facebook fan quotes:

"Taylor Made RBZ irons very long." -- Brad Taylor

"Mizuno MP-59 irons. So smooth off the face." -- Eric Geraci

"Titleist 712 CB Irons. Unbelievable feel, terrific workability. They are the dream players iron. Must have." -- Sammy Wammy Russell

"Cobra AMP Irons with the Rickie Fowler inspired orange colored heads and grips." -- Brett Davis

"The Titleist AP2 irons. I have been able to hit the ball further and straighter with these irons and with this I have lowered my score by 7 to 8 strokes." -- Nicholas Bingle

"Cobra Amp iron set." -- Jerry Duchene Jr.

"My new RocketBallz iron set with steel shafts. Every iron gives me 10-15 yards longer than my old iron set (Callaway Big Berthas w/graphite shafts)." -- Dana Mullady McKinney

3. A driver. We've said it in this space before -- shopping for a new driver is like shopping for a new car. It's the one club in the bag that if you have the shiny, pretty new one, all your friends will be jealous.

Facebook fan quotes:

"My new Ping G20 driver has returned my 'baby draw' that I thought was in the witness protection program!" -- Brian Wetzel

"Titleist 909, can't go wrong with Titleist." -- Stephen Giuseppe

"Razr X Black driver. Long, straight and affordable." -- John Todman

"My Titleist 910 D3 Driver with the Aldila Rip Shaft cut down a quarter of an inch. It's set to C3. Awesome club that really launches the golf ball! With my Rip shaft and the C3 setting I crush the ball and it a perfect draw!" -- Anthony Canarie

"My brand new Taylor Made R11S TP driver. Had the R11 driver and I just want to throw it away after I hit the R11S!" -- Michael Bentz

"The new Taylor Made Rocketballz driver. I hit my friends and it went almost 30 yards further. Great product and looks awesome, if only I could afford them." -- Neil Vyas

"My 4-year-old Burner Driver has been consistently putting me in the fairway all year. You will begin to notice a significant drop in your score when you start hitting more fairways. After thinking about it, it really is and should be the easiest shot in golf, you have a nearly perfect lie and manicured grass every time to tee from!" -- John Trivett

2. A putter. Blade? Mallet? Long? Belly? There are so many options when it comes to putters these days and everyone has a preference. It's the most important club in your bag too, because throughout the course of your round it's the club you're going to use most.

Facebook fan quotes:

"The California Style Scotty Cameron!!! I love the FEEL OF IT!" -- Nidra Nelson

"The new Scotty Camerons are so much softer yet more solid feeling than the old ones." -- Trebor Mangum

"Taylor Made Ghost Spyder putter. In one round alone I hit (3) 20+ foot putts and did not 3 putt in the last 5 rounds." -- Derek LaVigne

"I've made more putts with my Scotty Cameron Bullseye this year than ever! It was the last model they made. It's a keeper!" -- Gary Reed

"My White Ice Two-Ball putter." -- Darrell Blalock

"My new Odyssey Teron White Hot putter, so smooth!" -- John Gordon Hicks

"David Edel custom fit putters ENOUGH SAID!" -- Zackary John F

1. A wedge or wedges. It's refreshing to see that the putters and the wedges were Nos. 2 and 1, respectively, on this week's list. Let's face it, most of the shots on your scorecard are recorded from 100 yards and in. These are the clubs you're using for those shots.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Wedge, because I just can't seem to hit those greens every time but I am really handy with my wedge and can save par almost every time. I just love it." -- Patrick Belk

"Cleveland 588 forged wedges. Best wedges out right now. New Callaway Razr fit would be a close second." -- Sean Alvarez

"Old, custom sand wedge is my secret weapon." -- Doug Sandstad

"My 52-degree Vokey." -- Andrew Kiely

"Cobra Trusty Rusty wedge. Great action." -- Kurt Buckholz

"My new Vokey wedges." -- Patrick Zimmerman

"Wedge... sometimes, it just saves me from embarrassing myself." -- Mark Anthony Viray

"Sand wedge -- I have always been a bump and run type of golfer around the green. This year though, I have started playing the flop shot with my 56-degree and I have so much confidence now! There are a few things that I need to work on, like... when the ball checks up 15 ft-20 ft short of the hole... I get quite frustrated because it usually turns into a two putt. But when I land it with in 10-ft and one putt it's the best feeling of the day and what keeps me coming back to play more golf!" -- Austin Brown

"Taylor Made ATV wedges." -- Tyler Sweet

"My Titleist 735 CM pitching wedge because I holed out twice in a row during a round!" -- Chris Squires 

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