A Quick Nine: Which Masters tradition is your favorite?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
Published on

In case you missed it, a tradition unlike any other, The Masters, tees off on Thursday morning on the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club.

Is there anything like that first major championship of the year?

It's safe to say there are just so many great traditions at the Masters that we positively cannot list them all. Some of them include the honorary tee shots by legends Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer; players skipping tee shots across the pond on No. 16 during the practice rounds; digging into a Pimento cheese sandwich.

For this week's special Masters edition of our weekly, 'A Quick Nine,' feature, we asked our Facebook fans to tell us: Which Masters tradition is your favorite?

Below are the top answers we received.

1. You can't pick just one. I'd have to agree with that.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Everything about the Masters. The tradition, past champions, the 'official' start of Spring." -- James Van Steelant

"The historical introduction at the start of the broadcast and all the wonderful memories we have enjoyed through the years. The '86 Masters with Jack. Larry Mize's upset, the accuracy of the game displayed by all and, my special memory was Payne Stewart and the style and image he added to the event." -- Ron Linna

"Several years ago, when the Masters fell on Easter weekend, we had the Easter dinner at our house. A distant relative walked in and was impressed that my wife had a golf tournament on the T.V. When he made a comment, she said, "That's not a golf tournament, Frank. That's the Masters..." She plays golf and watches all of the majors, but on Master's Week, if the noise gets too loud, she shushes everybody so that she can hear." -- Bob King

2. Wednesday's Par-3 Contest. The par-3 course is every bit as impressive in its beauty as the big course at Augusta National. Follow the contest long enough and you're almost guaranteed to see a hole-in-one. Plus, it doesn't get any cuter than seeing the children of the Masters contestants caddying in the par-3, decked out in their white jumpsuits and green hats.

Facebook fan quotes:

"I like the Par 3 on Wednesday and seeing all the sons and daughters caddying for their Pops!" -- Marshall Hunter

"Par-3 Contest by far." -- Shawn Newberry

"Par-3 Contest. Nothing else like it in golf." -- Denny Sher

3. The Pimento cheese sandwiches in the Masters green wrapping. This one sure didn't get my vote, but I know after many trips to Augusta National, many patrons need that sandwich.

Facebook fan quotes:

"For sure the pimento cheese sandwiches with green plastic wrap." -- Shawn Whisenhant

"Pimento cheese sandwich... they are delicious and unlike most events they cost $1.50. Can't wait to have another." -- Keith Boyle

Looks like I'm not alone in the pimento cheese dissing...

"I'm all for traditions, but I have had the pimento cheese sandwich just to say I did and it was not very good. Warm cheese sandwich? All four of us had a couple bites of the pimento cheese sandwich and we all looked at each other, and said thank god it was only $1.50." -- Kevin Johnson

4. The Champions Dinner. It's the most exclusive dinner in all of golf, reserved only for Masters champions past and present and hosted by the reigning champion, who chooses the menu.

Facebook fan quotes:

"It's a tie... Masters past champions dinner (most recent winner gets to pick the menu... just so long as there's lots of meat!) and the fact that you can leave your stool anywhere on the course and NO ONE will touch it!" -- Jim Miller

"Champions Dinner is my favorite... I wonder what'll be on the menu next year." -- Scott Holcombe

5. Everything is green at The Masters. Sandwich wrappers, water bottles, bags of chips, cups, you name it - it's all green.

Facebook fan quote:

"The fact that everything within the fences is Master's Green... and that if you bring in a drink, you guys will let us keep it but pour it into a green cup! Also LOVE the skipping the balls on 16!" -- David Gordon

6. The back nine on Sunday. It's where all the drama unfolds and the coolest three-hole stretch in golf -- Nos. 11, 12 and 13, Amen Corner -- reside.

Facebook fan quote:

"The best tradition is that The Masters doesn't begin until the back nine on Sunday." -- Randy Brown

7. The Green Jacket presentation in Butler Cabin, when the previous year's champion helps the new champion into his green jacket.

Facebook fan quote:

"Previous champion presenting the Green Jacket to the winner! A passing of the torch and a welcoming to a very elite group of tour professionals." -- David Yurko

8. The history... and there's plenty of it at Augusta National, where it seems every hole is a landmark.

Facebook fan quote:

"Best week of the year. How can you pick just one favorite? Ok! I'll pick the history. Augusta just oozes history. You can hear and feel it in the air. Special place." -- Kelly M. Slatton

9. The Crow's Nest. This is a dorm-like apartment above the clubhouse, where the amateurs in the field are invited to stay during Masters week.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Amateurs staying in the Crow's Nest above the clubhouse." -- Eddie Bellamy

"I like that the amateurs all stay together in the Crow's Nest of the clubhouse." -- Mark Glidden 

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