Why 2017 will be the year you hit a hole-in-one

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Why 2017 will be the year you hit a hole-in-one

Some golfers spend their whole golfing lives waiting for that moment they get their first hole in one. Others get all the luck and get to brag they’ve hit multiple.

2016 might not have been the year when a fortuitous bounce left you with a souvenir golf ball, but we’re certain that 2017 will be your year.

Here are some reasons we think this will be your year:

In 2017, you’ll get to the range and find that club you can consistently hit about 150 yards in a mostly straight fashion. This will set you up for the magic of bagging that first ace.

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There’s a force in the universe that makes things happen. You just have to get in touch with it. In 2017, you’re going to keep good swing thoughts. You will be the ball, Danny.



You’ve worked on your game for a long time. You’ve been patient. You’ve hit the pin a couple times or stuck it within a yard. But you’re still waiting.



In 2017, you will not be frustrated by another near miss because you know that by being patient, it will just make the glory feel that much better.

You took some lessons from your local PGA Professional, and they were so helpful that you’ll end up with multiple aces by the time the calendar turns to 2018.

INSTRUCTION: Find your local PGA Professional

Sometimes the universe just sends some signs that things are meant to be. Sometimes do we look into numbers too much? Yes. Is this one of those times? Definitely. But we’re doing it anyway.

  • 20-17=3. That’s Par 3. The hole you’re going to ace.
  • 3 is the first lucky prime number, which will be useful to get lucky and get your first prime ace. What’s the first lucky number? 1. As in 1 shot you’ll luck into putting in the cup.
  • 2+0+1+7=10. This we predict will mean you will hit your ace on your 10th par 3 of the year.

You just got a brand new set of irons for Christmas, and there’s only one way to break them in — hole out a shot from 147 yards.

In 2017, you’ll take the leap to quitting your day job and playing golf full time. Will this pay the bills? TBD. Will it give you the time you need to make that first ace? Most certainly.

You just retired, and now you have a whole bunch of time to play golf. More golf = better odds.

Your spouse just picked up the game of golf, and they need to get out a lot to continue to learn the game. This means double the amount of golf and double the amount of chances to hole out.

Your New Year resolution is to make your first ace. And this year you really mean it.