A Quick Nine: What are your Masters traditions?

By T.J. Auclair, Interactive Producer
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A tradition unlike any other, the Masters is here. On Thursday morning, players will tee off at Augusta National for the 77th playing of perhaps the game's most prestigious tournament.

When you hear or talk about the Masters, the word, "tradition," always comes up.

With that in mind, we asked our friends in Facebook Nation to tell us: What is your favorite tradition as you enjoy the Masters?

We received a bunch of great answers -- as usual -- but if we're being honest, no answer we've ever seen in these parts tops the No. 1 you'll find on this list.

Go ahead and see for yourself.

9. Making a wager and following along. Whether its through a fantasy team you've assembled, or predicting the outcome of certain shots, I guess this is a way to make one of the most exciting events in the world a smidge more exciting.

Facebook fan quote:

"Cheering on my fantasy team. My brother does a majors fantasy pool every year." -- Bill May

8. A pre-Masters viewing of 'Caddyshack.' Let's face it, there's never a bad time for a viewing of 'Caddyshack,' but just before the Masters seems like a better time than any if for no other reason than to hear Bill Murray's Cinderella Masters story.

Facebook fan quote:

"Having to watch 'Caddyshack' before Thursday for Carl the Greenskeeper's Cinderella speech." -- Brandon Almeida

7. Relaxing and watching the final round on TV with a loved one. Is there a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon all year long? You know all the holes and you're guaranteed to see drama unfold.

Facebook fan quotes:

"Watching the final round of the Masters on Sunday every year with my Grandpa who taught me the game of golf!" -- Thomas Brooks

"Watching the last day of it on Sunday every year w/my relaxing - love the Masters!" -- Mary Chiecko

"There is nothing as exciting as watching the Masters... It is a tradition like any other that I enjoy watching with my son every year... But there's nothing like it when Tiger Woods is in contention on Sunday I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it!" -- Jeff Frey

6. Attending the final round of the Masters. I've been lucky enough to attend the Masters on 11 occasions. It's hard to put the experience into words. It's the most beautiful place you'll ever see.

Facebook fan quote:

"I attend Sunday at the Masters with my father every year. Always exciting to be there." -- Dan Putman

"Being there Sunday morning when the gates open and walking the back 9 to see the pins up close before any players or patrons make the turn. Then grabbing a bag full of pimento cheese and egg salad sammies as I drive back home in time to watch the final round on TV and have the best of both worlds, great coverage and best sandwiches in the world!" -- Brian Conley

5. Taking time out of work to watch the Masters. For people in various parts of the world, this is imperative due to the time change. No matter how late, or early, they have to watch though, you've got to think this is the ultimate stay-cation.

Facebook fan quote:

"Taking annual leave each year during Masters week, so I can watch live in the comfort of my living room without having to worry about missing a second of the action getting ready for work (coverage in Australia runs from 4am to 9:30am Monday morning on the final round." -- Troy Dalziel

4. Wearing a green jacket while you watch the final round. Surely you've seen or attended a Kentucky Derby party, where everyone gets dressed up in their best duds and the women wear those crazy hats, right? Why not a green jacket to watch the Masters? I like this one!

Facebook fan quote:

"Watching it with my friends, and we all wear green jackets!" -- Rosemarie Bandura

3. Attending a practice round. Unlike the official tournament days, you're allowed to bring along a camera for the practice days. Furthermore, you know you won't miss any tournament action, so you can go out there, get lost and enjoy all that is Augusta National.

Facebook fan quote:

"Being there on my favorite Masters day, Tuesday. Sunday's final round in the 1994 Masters was the very first golf tournament I was ever at and it ruined me, this year is my 14th trip and I can't wait for Tuesday morning to get here. It is always special." -- Wayne Johnson

2. It's the beginning of your own golf season. For many, the Masters is the first true sign that spring is here... which means it's time for your own golf season to get started.

Facebook fan quote:

"It is the beginning of MY golf season. Up here in Michigan, rarely do we have the chance to play before the Masters." -- Darrell Hovinen

1. Being the first to greet and congratulate the Masters champion. Talk about a tradition unlike any other! Who could possibly compete with our friend, Joe Black, below. Mr. Black was the Chairman of the PGA Rules Committee from 1969-1976; Chairman of the PGA Championship in 1979 and 1980; Chairman of the PGA Senior Championship in 1983; Captain of the PGA Cup Team in 1981-1983-1984; and Chairman of the Ryder Cup Matches in 1983. He's also written a book about his experiences through the years called, "A Few Good Golf Stories."

Facebook fan quote:

"For many years being the first one to greet the winner in the scoring tent at the 18th green." -- Joe Black 

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