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San Diego, CA
Sorrento Canyon Golf Center, San Diego, CA

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I am absolutely in love with the game of golf and want to grow it as much as possible. I truly believe that if more people played golf the world would be a better place. I decided to use the skills I have built throughout the years to grow the game by helping others learn in a fun and efficient way.

Throughout my 20+ years of golfing, I have accumulated experience in almost every part of the golf industry.

-PGA Associate -Worked at four different golf courses -Taken hundreds of lessons from various top-ranked coaches -Created hundreds of designs for golf courses -Assisted golf courses in creating golf mobile apps & strategy -Assisted in $3 million+ of tournament revenue generation.

I started playing golf when I was very young, and my first kids' golf club came when I was three years old. Golf was my whole life until I was recruited to play NCAA Golf at UCSD. For four years, I played there while studying economics & accounting before turning professional in 2016.

I've been a teaching professional since 2017 and I absolutely love it! In that time, I've given thousands of golf lessons and helped people of all levels, from beginners to scratch golfers, improve their games.

I created Golf Upgrades and joined the PGA because I saw a need for quality, affordable golf lessons in San Diego. And what could be more rewarding than helping people learn this amazing game? I look forward to meeting you and assisting you with your golf game.

Golf Upgrades Mission: "To provide the world's best golf instruction and golf training products." We decided to grow the game of golf by drastically simplifying the learning process. Our ultimate goal is to inspire growth— to help our students truly understand and love their game and make better decisions about how to play, practice, and improve.

Our aim is to provide high-quality golf instruction utilizing partnerships with cutting-edge golf technology & processes to deliver our students premier golf instruction. To that task, we bring advanced teaching strategies, HD video analysis, as well as an unlimited love for the game 🍃

We recognize that every player is different. Nobody plays the game quite like you. Through analyzing your golfing activities & golf goals – on course and off course, our top golf instructors learn as much as they can about your game. The result is feedback and lesson plans that are unique, just as you are as a golfer.

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Golf Upgrades Mission: “To provide an innovative & effective approach to golf." We decided to grow the game of golf by simplifying the learning process. Innovative content & quality will be our main priority as we continue to grow. We believe that if more people played golf, the world would be a better place. Our ultimate goal is to grow the game.

If you’re new to Golf Upgrades, please have a look around our website ( or our social media accounts ( Watch some teasers and read our reviews. Hopefully you’ll find something to improve your game!

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Golf Upgrades is a community built around a true love for the game of golf. If you're wondering "How to play golf?", "What is the best way to learn golf?", "How to learn golf?" or "How to improve my golf scores?" Check us out at - Our highly researched approach to golf will expand your golf knowledge and provide actionable tools and ideas to improve your golf scores and understanding.


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Jacob in Action

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I've learned everything from basic iron swings, and shot shaping, to even short games with Jacob over the course of the last year and I've never felt more confident in my game overall.

Max L


I was able to hit 120 ~ 130 yards with a 7-iron and went out to a field to finish my first 9-hole course in just eight weeks! If you are a complete beginner like me, I highly recommend to take first lessons with Jacob.

Sung B


Jacob is an outstanding coach who has much more than sufficient amount of experience and knowledge about golf. The price of the lesson was very affordable and beats out anyone in the business.

Richard Z

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Jacob's Facilities

Sorrento Canyon Golf Center

San Diego CA

*Coaching available to public

5605 Carroll Canyon Rd, San Diego, CA 92121-1701

San Diego CA

*Coaching available to public

5605 Carroll Canyon Road, San Diego, CA 92121

La Jolla CA

*Coaching available to public

Avenida De La Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037

San Diego CA

*Coaching available to public

12602 Oaks North Drive, San Diego, CA 92128

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