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Roswell, GA
Horseshoe Bend Country Club, Roswell, GA

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Born, raised in Atlanta Georgia, and Naples, Florida I Grew up with a fascination for team sports: Baseball, Basketball, Golf and Tennis. During my early intermediate age, golf was my most time-oriented choice for sport. I spent three summers in the advanced Golf Academy at Pinehurst, North Carolina. Shortly thereafter, I was on the men's varsity golf team for 4 years at George Walton High School in East Marietta. Surprisingly, golf was not my main concentration in college. I learned and developed stages of business at Kennesaw State University. After 3 and a half years at KSU, I graduated with a study in Public Relations, Communications and Marketing, 2013. Four years later, I decided to once again pursue my love and ambitions for golf by advancing into the PGA associate program in 2017, and married as well. Today, I am Teaching and Instructing at a private club in Roswell/John's Creek officially known as Horseshoe Bend Country Club. As an affiliate with the PGA, I look forward to assisting the needs of my clients, members, and guests around the local area of Atlanta. As a Catholic, I was born with the mindset to help those who need assistance not only with their ideologies of golf, but how to convince my students (of all ages) to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Whether they are pursuing life goals, their businesses, but most relevantly, their golf swings). My favorite author of all time is Dr. Bob Rotella. He has an amazing look on golf and life. I challenge my clients to resolve their questions or concerns by reading his books. He is very successful and a champion golf psychologist all the same. It is always a pleasure to teach/instruct others with a positive and engaging attitude. I have always believed that this game and those that take lessons from me, understand that it is a honor or privilege, never a right to educate the mind, especially in this industry. I'm willing to give you my best at any and all age groups/levels of play. God Bless, and hopefully, with a taste of both fun and focus, I can transform your game willingly.



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Horseshoe Bend Country Club

Roswell GA

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2100 Steeplechase Ln, Roswell, GA 30076-3547

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