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Kirk R. Jones, PGA

PGA instructor


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Windsor Parke Golf Club, Jacksonville, FL

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Kirk is a PGA award winning instructor who has over 40 years teaching and 50,000 plus hours of golf instruction experience. Kirk is widely recognized as one of the most knowledgeable and effective fundamental golf instructors in the industry. Kirk has authored pioneering books that bring golf instruction into the modern era using technology. Kirk is the author of the Professional Golf Teachers Association of America teaching manual and regarded as the ultimate teachers teacher. The fundamental learning model that Kirk developed is the 1st of its kind. It is simple, logical and by far the most effective way for a beginner and existing golfer to learn and improve golf's most important skills. Kirk's achievements have and continue to be scientifically validated by his use of measuring tools, video and relevant technology.





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Kirk's Facilities

Windsor Parke Golf Club

Jacksonville FL


Private facility on the back of the range with indoor outdoor and all technology relevant to proper golf learning.

*Coaching available to public

13823 Sutton Park Dr N, Jacksonville, FL 32224-4235

Facility Offerings

Doppler radar analytics accurately measuring both ball and club data

Indoor learning

Indoor Putting, chipping and full swing learning during inclement weather

Video integrated

Video integrated to flight scope so each swing is captured on video

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