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The game of golf has been a lifelong passion of mine. In 2020, I took my love for the game in a new direction. I became a PGA Associate and began coaching and instructing through the Southern Oregon Golf Academy (SOGA). While with SOGA, I was able to learn from and shadow two of the top teaching professionals in the state. Through my affiliation with SOGA and my experience with the Southern Oregon golf community, I developed my belief that there is not one single way to swing a golf club. In fact, due to fundamental differences in a person’s body type, flexibility, physical restrictions, past injuries, and goals, it is my belief that every golfer should work to develop a repeatable golf swing that works for THEM. The most important thing for my students is that they understand their swing and understand the results.

I was drawn to Eagle Crest Resort because of the family-friendly environment, the extensive golf facilities, and the avid golf community. At Eagle Crest Resort, I and the other golf instructors strive to help our students learn more about their individual golf swings, while also promoting enjoyment for the game and success in golf. I look forward to working with you to help you achieve your golf goals, whatever they may be.

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