A week's worth of tweets, December 17-23, 2012

J.J. Henry's golf shoes
J.J. Henry via Twitter
PGA Tour player J.J. Henry took to Twitter last week to show us his brand new golf shoes from his fellow Texans at Justin Boots.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, December 24, 2012 | 1:29 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of December 17-23, featuring Bubba Watson, Ryan O'Toole, Luke Donald and more:

Vokey Wedges

@VokeyWedges   A little wedge testing out at The Farms today with @cpradergolf Thanks for hosting Clems. 7 birdies not too shabby. pic.twitter.com/7S3GIDm2


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D.A. Points
@DAPoints   Can't wait to rock those on the West Coast 2013!RT @GrandSlam: #GrandSlam Performance Vests & Jackets are amazing! //lockerz.com/s/271314007

@Titleist   Like the bow! #TeamTitleist RT @kimbraaten: @Titleist Christmas came early for me! #sostoked pic.twitter.com/Vxn3HPZt

FootJoy ‏
@FootJoy   Great utility shoe for on/off course! RT @golferrrr: breaking in my second pair of @FootJoy contour shoes. #addicted pic.twitter.com/0c0gisjP//pic.twitter.com/0c0gisjP

@FootJoy   Thanks for your support! RT @HelenCStock: Red white and blue @FootJoy s for my mom for Christmas...I'm jealous pic.twitter.com/z71Pejfx

Cindy LaCrosse ‏

@CindyLaCrosse   Got to the course, opened my trunk, no clubs. Guess I forgot to put them back in the car after helping @Walsheyyy move. #awesome

James Lepp ‏
@jameslepp   These should be fun for next year: pic.twitter.com/UmLHD5qq

Irene Cho
@TheIreneCho   Merry christmas to me!!! Thanks @Titleist @TFJgolfgirl pic.twitter.com/Tt9BxeYO

TaylorMade Golf
@TaylorMadeGolf   Happy Holidays #RBZFactor RT @Shef215: @TaylorMadeGolf Early Christmas Present! #RBZ #DriverLove pic.twitter.com/Ms7OvSgw

Bubba Watson ‏
@bubbawatson   My headcover is for Charity!!! Find it at //headcovershop.com ! #GivingBack #Charity pic.twitter.com/WhW8ooAS

Rickie Fowler ‏
@RickieFowlerPGA   Almost looks like my wedge got shot by a shotgun #stamps //instagr.am/p/Thro6owuyc/

@RickieFowlerPGA   My 51* with a little snake tongue and venom stamp //instagr.am/p/ThvdZdQu1j/

Kathleen Ekey
@KTEkey   Look what I got from my friends @gfore today! Custom cookies & new G/FOB keychain! What an excellent Christmas surprise pic.twitter.com/EaQmiWuL

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   Nice! RT @Brendan_Steele: Christmas came early from @Titleist pic.twitter.com/G5SYdDCw

@Titleist   Roll on! RT @BWiesberger: Tested for two weeks and now officially approved. New flatstick from @ScottyCameron @Titleist pic.twitter.com/Y9jV33I3

@Titleist   Congrats! RT @mental_gas: @Titleist This Pro V1 gave me my first hole in one this year. It’s about time I framed it! pic.twitter.com/f8tuZzJa

@Titleist   Awesome! Play well. #TeamTitleist RT @chris_leon12: New edition to the bag. So PUMPED!!! @Titleist pic.twitter.com/Cy2lHbdP

Odyssey Golf ‏

@odysseygolf   New goodies ready to be shipped out to Tour. Clear some space underneath the Christmas tree, boys! pic.twitter.com/5xkpIXej

@odysseygolf   Oh, you want more? #VersaStripTease pic.twitter.com/p0RvHhaw

J.J. Henry ‏
@jjhenrygolf   Thx @justinboots for my awesome new spikes! Especially love my @TCU purple ones! Christmas came early! #thankssanta pic.twitter.com/lHLNbu9d

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   You got it. Here's to more birdies #TeamTitleist RT @daltonbrown10: @Titleist could i get a rt for my new clubs Please! pic.twitter.com/fIBU2hss

Adams Golf ‏
@AdamsGolfInc   Tell us what you think - have a SUPER time! RT@KylePorterCBS Taking a spin on the driving range with the Adam's family pic.twitter.com/T3cIGpCt

TaylorMade Golf ‏
@TaylorMadeGolf   What a nice gift! #ThisLittleThing RT @dannyboyporter: Merry Christmas @TaylorMadeGolf #RocketBladez pic.twitter.com/MUBCYClD

Scott Drummond ‏
@scottdrummondg   Have to say the new @TaylorMadeTour #R1 driver looks amazing.... #howdotheykeepgettingbetter

Loudmouth Golf ‏
@LoudMouthGolf   Scott Sterner from Loudmouth has a very sweeeeet closet. cc: @Loudmouth1 pic.twitter.com/O3t1gpOs

Penfold Golf
@penfoldgolf   Play with a Black Heart Golf Ball //ow.ly/gfLYY  and your ball will come with 332 dimples

Whitlam Golf ‏

@WhitlamGolfUSA   Have you checked our irons and wedges lately? You should, you could be shaving strokes... pic.twitter.com/552DOcwl

@WhitlamGolfUSA   Our new prototype with black sole insert //instagr.am/p/TeU5ruikcX/

@WhitlamGolfUSA   Copper anyone? //instagr.am/p/TeU_wKikce/

@WhitlamGolfUSA   Wow 2 putters. Some husband has a very nice wife. Happy holidays //instagr.am/p/TeLwUzikRl/

Pernilla Lindberg ‏
@pernillagolf   Just received my first few samples of the 2013 golf collection from @crossgolfusa. Looks great again! Like the new colors!

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf   Some shots from the shop. @ Bettinardi Golf //instagr.am/p/TeS9CInu80/

‏@BettinardiGolf   Beautiful! RT @golfspy_dave: There is a deadly @BettinardiGolf putting weapon under this headcover. Oh...my...oh...my pic.twitter.com/twWsVn7K

Luke Donald ‏
@LukeDonald   Really enjoying my new Ryder Cup customized slide board (//www.ultraslide.com). Great workout! //moby.to/2e2cy2

Edel Golf ‏
@EDELgolf   What will @NeilOster do next? pic.twitter.com/ZbgOlsag

Simon Khan ‏
@simonkhangolf   Thanks @mjb_1971 @TaylorMadeTour for putter . This ones got my name all over it //yfrog.com/oc7kvhenj

Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf  Doing a fitting with @MardyFish today, who is currently hitting it out of the property with the new X Hot 3 wood. pic.twitter.com/QdBuxhSg

Callaway Golf Europe
@CallawayGolfEU   Monty absolutely LOVED the #XHot Irons & the #RAZRFitXtreme Driver. Numbers were incredible pic.twitter.com/BxpuUKD5

Becky Brewerton ‏
@beckybrewerton   Brand new grips on all my bats ready for next year! Thanks @genie1958 pic.twitter.com/Lwh4TZHG

Mark McDonnell (TaylorMade) ‏
@markmac14  Great to hear such top feedback on the new @TaylorMadeTour ball launching in 2013 from @DarrenClarke60 today. Our best ball ever produced! ⛳

Ping Golf ‏
@PINGTour   #ThrowbackThursday The original color code chart was introduced in 1972.Tell us, what's your color code? //yfrog.com/obz0rhp

Jane Spicer
@DaphnesCovers   It's here! The @Bubbawatson Headcover! Find it at //www.headcovershop.com ! Please RT pic.twitter.com/Rtp0QWD8

SMS Inc. ‏
@SMSInc_On_Tour   2012 @European_Tour season clubs in play - 14% of players carried a long or belly putter.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   2012 @European_Tour season clubs in play - 42 % of players didn't have a 3 iron in their bag.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   2012 @European_Tour season average clubs in play per player - Fairway woods 1.22, Utilities 0.95, 1 or 2 irons 0.09, wedges 3.24.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   During the 2012 @European_Tour season there were 40 different putter brands used and 454 different putter models used!. Can you name them?!!

@SMSInc_On_Tour   During the 2012 @European_Tour season there were 33 different wedge brands used and 181 different wedge models used.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   During the 2012 @European_Tour season there were 31 different 3-9 iron brands used and 139 different 3-9 iron models used.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   During the 2012 @European_Tour season there were 27 different utility club brands used and 120 different utility club models.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   During the 2012 @European_Tour season there were 27 different fairway wood brands used and 140 different fairway wood models.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   During the 2012 @European_Tour season there were 22 different driver brands used and 111 different driver models.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   On average each @European_Tour player used 1.46 different drivers each during the 2012 season. 1 player used 6 different driver models.

@SMSInc_On_Tour   On average each @European_Tour player used 1.76 different putters during the 2012 season. 2 players used 11 different models during 2012.

Tommy Gainey ‏

@TwoGlovesGolf   Getting excited about 2013! #callaway pic.twitter.com/ccTpywiX

Bettinardi Golf
@BettinardiGolf   Our team is rocking and rolling this Holiday Season! Creating. Packaging. Shipping. @ Bettinardi Golf //instagr.am/p/Tbtmeknu_X/

Paige Mackenzie ‏
@Paige_Mackenzie   Santa came early! #NewToys @CGSrixonTour pic.twitter.com/bCfngLH2

@Paige_Mackenzie   My new stix @ClevelandGolf 588 #ThanksSanta pic.twitter.com/2yQVRkZb

Golf SKLZ ‏
@golfSKLZ   RT @brittany1golf: “@RyannOToole: My @SKLZ gear rocks. Good workout before day of practice pic.twitter.com/EavFaKij” Love that stuff :-)

Natalie Gulbis
@natalie_gulbis   On @skycaddie set //campl.us/nioD

‏@natalie_gulbis   SkyCaddie Breeze. Check it out. Best skycaddie yet. So easy to use pic.twitter.com/uO6d0XVu

Fujikura Composites
@FujikuraOnTour   You might think we are slow right now but every OEM is cranking out heads to PGA Tour players and the Fuji's are flying out the door

Lyle and Scott ‏
@Lyle_and_Scott   Have a sneak peek of our AW13 photo shoot, take a look here //bit.ly/REb2dw  pic.twitter.com/RXKSDKHj

Simon Hurd ‏
@druhbelts   Yorkshire union of golf clubs how goods is this. pic.twitter.com/C53KDQUA

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   That's dedication! RT @ALaCapra3: @Titleist #TeamTitleist in the living room with my #vokey wedges.. pic.twitter.com/ddcrEFaK

Dynamix Golf ‏
@DynamixGolf   Big Day for a guy & his son at Atlanta CC! Installing a new Simulator in his home this week! //ow.ly/ge5bm

FootJoy Europe ‏
@FootJoyEurope   A sneak peak at the new FJ M:PROJECT shoe. This is all we are going to show you for now!!! #fjthemarkofaplayer //twitpic.com/bn9z6k

Adams Golf ‏

@AdamsGolfInc   Thx Kyle, glad u like RT @KylePorterCBS: Checking out the new SUPER drivers from @adamsgolfinc. They're pretty awesome. pic.twitter.com/HSNszOD6

Michael Johnson ‏
@PirettiGolf   Prepping for the PGA Show! pic.twitter.com/CotzI19y

@PirettiGolf   Almost finished. pic.twitter.com/1ufR2a3r

FootJoy ‏
@FootJoy   Play well MCGOO! RT @McGuiganGolfer: Thanks @FootJoy for the great job on the myjoys! pic.twitter.com/2elLCGAF

@FootJoy   Awesome! Enjoy. RT @G_Drive1: @FootJoy new icons just came in today. Pearl lizard print pic.twitter.com/1ZViO4vO

Ryann O'Toole ‏
@RyannOToole   New babies! pic.twitter.com/Zh25H1k8

@RyannOToole   pic.twitter.com/tNGRg7DR

Cobra Golf
@cobragolf   Our VP of R&D working on some 2013 product videos #AMPCELL #WhatsYourFly pic.twitter.com/y7AI4EtU

Aron Price ‏
@aronpricePGA   Lucky enough to be playing with the 23rd Prime Minister of Australia today. Mr Bob Hawke.

@aronpricePGA   For all you golf and politics lovers. This is on the bottom of Bob Hawke's putter @jacknewtonCC pic.twitter.com/oW1DPV9k

Raa Putters ‏
@Raaputters   Two models from @Raaputters Raa Classic and Raa Silk stay tuned for release dates early 2013. Putting studio ready for fittings lessons

Whitlam Golf ‏
@WhitlamGolfUSA   Shiny! pic.twitter.com/eFORB8Rp

TaylorMade Golf ‏
@TaylorMadeGolf   Nice! MT @DHolmqvist: This is coolest putter I have ever seen! Christmas came early this year, thanks @TaylorMadeGolf pic.twitter.com/tImO43tA

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   Dial it in & launch drives! #TeamTitleist RT @Stoshoes: just hit the best golf club in the world @Titleist 913D3 I cannot wait to gt it!!!

Callaway Golf Europe ‏
@CallawayGolfEU   Santa getting into the #xhot groove at the #CallawayMediaEvent @goodwood_golf pic.twitter.com/rJLNFFOe

@CallawayGolfEU   DanskGolf editor Thomas holing everything with @odysseygolf's latest Armlock #MetalX #7 Putter #1PutterInGolf pic.twitter.com/9SEsVn5o

Callaway Golf ‏

@CallawayGolf   Introducing The Standard In Distance. X Hot & X Hot Pro irons from Callaway, coming 01.25.13 - //bit.ly/V3sXsY  pic.twitter.com/UnWYwdvm

@CallawayGolf   Callaway Staff Pros @kkraft11 & Morgan Pressel getting in some work with the new toys today in FL. #XHOT pic.twitter.com/bds5JZRk

Kelly Kraft ‏
@kkraft11  great morning in Jupiter getting fit for some new @CallawayGolf gear! headed back home to do some messing around with it.

Callaway Golf ‏
@CallawayGolf   Deep Undercut Cavity Design in the X Hot irons lowers the CG for higher ball speeds across a larger part of the face. pic.twitter.com/MBd962s2

Alan Hocknell (Callaway Golf)‏
@CallawayDocHock   Really pleased with X Hot irons. Deep undercut engineering means 1 less club in your hand and consistently great trajectories. Hello GIR !!!

Harry Arnett ‏(Callaway Golf)
@Callaway_HarryA   @CallawayDocHock that's my iron, brother!!!!! #thedistancestandard

Odyssey Golf ‏
@odysseygolf   Sending @DaveHorsey his back-up magic wand this week! #Beauty pic.twitter.com/hVusrdlz

Chris Koske (Odyssey Golf)
@Odyssey_Koske   Want a custom one of these @odysseygolf putters? Practice hard #GoodToBeATourPro pic.twitter.com/e3lahOib

Graham DeLaet ‏
@GrahamDeLaet   “@MikeJmshanny: How sweet r those. Nice job vokey and @GrahamDeLaet !! pic.twitter.com/UKKkLedX” Looking good bud!

59 Belts
@59BeltsGUY   How bout a GINORMEOUS Stainless custom ball-mark? #ManholeCover pic.twitter.com/iZIQcxMB

Ian Poulter ‏
@IanJamesPoulter   The guys wearing @ijpdesign at the Ritz pro shop. Guys with style. #wearthetrousers #doyou? pic.twitter.com/BGNH00Sb

Puma Golf
@PUMAGolf   #style MT @mattdelancey I can't wait to get these on the course! Not your grandads shoe. #breakdance #breakpar pic.twitter.com/uLXt1w53

Colt Knost
@ColtKnost   Some new toys from @CallawayGolf pic.twitter.com/vs3adRBl

@ColtKnost   New irons pic.twitter.com/RzPPhKVY

‏@ColtKnost   All the new stuff from @CallawayGolf is amazing. Best irons I've ever hit

Bettinardi Golf ‏
@BettinardiGolf   Guys and Gals, who's going with the center shaft and who's going with the heel shaft? //instagr.am/p/TWwFObHuzx/

Tom Boys ‏
@Boyseygolf   New grips for this season! Thanks to golf pride #pimpmyclubs pic.twitter.com/gao9QLI4

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   Agreed! RT @anthonyschifano: There's no better feeling than a fresh new Titleist golf ball #TeamTitleist @Titleist

Ryann O'Toole ‏
@RyannOToole   Getting my new irons dialed in!!! Thanks @The_Club_Fix you guys are honestly the best. I Don't let anyone else touch my gear!

Jones Sports Company ‏
@JonesSportsCo   Jones Staff Bag attracting attention. Thanks DD! #PGA //instagr.am/p/TWiJPvBSpi/

Rickie Fowler ‏
@RickieFowlerPGA   Wedge maintenance @cobragolf #TourTrusty #Proto //instagr.am/p/TWbXCcwu1z/

Whitlam Golf
@WhitlamGolfUSA   All ready to kill some rats //instagr.am/p/TWdJJGCkaO/

Titleist ‏
@Titleist   Nice! #TeamTitleist RT @NJRiddett: Even better looking than i could have imagined @Titleist #readyfornextseason pic.twitter.com/2J0sdBCT

Scott Drummond ‏
@scottdrummondg   Thanks @pgeurope .... #Radius #Filth #2013 pic.twitter.com/PlRw5ifi

Fujikura Composites ‏
@FujikuraOnTour   The winner of the Alfred Dunhill Championship used Rombax technology in his driver. #backtobackwins

SMS Inc. ‏
@SMSInc_On_Tour   Congratulations to @European_Tour 's latest winner Charl Schwartzel. See his winning bag here. #WITB pic.twitter.com/uOwIrPjT

Ping Tour Europe ‏
@PINGTourEurope  Congratulations to PING Pro Ángel #Cabrera on winning the #VISA Open of #Argentina. A victory for #Anser irons.

Penfold Golf ‏
@penfoldgolf   It has been argued that 80% of the performance of a golf club can be attributed to the shaft. //ow.ly/g8zt6


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