A week's worth of golf equipment tweets, July 15-21, 2013

FootJoy at Muirfield
FootJoy via Twitter
FootJoy took to Twitter last week to show us their cabin at the British Open, where "pros can pick up shoes, gloves, socks, ski hats and see" Luke Donald and Bernd Wiesberger on the wall.

Series: Week's Worth of Tweets

Published: Monday, July 22, 2013 | 8:33 p.m.

Many prominent golf companies, players and PGA instructors regularly take to Twitter to talk about their equipment and other aspects of their game. Here is a round-up of some of the most interesting golf-related Twitter entries from the week of July 15-21, featuring Ian Poulter, Lizette Salas, Michael Putnam and more:

Odyssey Golf ‏
@odysseygolf    Congratulations to our guy Phil Mickelson on an incredible win @The_Open! That's back-to-back for Lefty and Versa.
‏@odysseygolf   Lefty needed just 26 putts today with his WBW Versa #9 putter to capture his 5th major championship. #1PutterInGolf pic.twitter.com/7aEKywKpa0
KBS Golf Shafts 
‏@KBSGolfShafts    KBS shafts trusted by the winner of the 2013 Open Champ! We congratulate this player on his first Open, and 5th major victory. #OpenChamp
‏@KBSGolfShafts    Thus far in 2013, KBS shafts have won ALL the majors! @The_Masters @usopengolf @The_Open
Callaway Golf Europe ‏
@CallawayGolfEU    In Phil's bag: #XHotPro 3Deep Fwy (13º), #XForged13 Irons, JAWS & #MackDaddy2 Wedges, Chrome+ Ball & @OdysseyEurope #Versa #9 Putter
Peter Millar 
‏@petermillar    Stay cool this summer with our Crown Pique Knit polo: //bit.ly/104Aoml  pic.twitter.com/8OIPHuBMbY
Titleist on Tour 
‏@TitleistonTour    7 of 8 @Titleist golf ball loyalists in final four groups @The_Open. Three major champions @ZachJohnsonPGA #AScott #ACabrera #teamtitleist
Ping Golf Europe
@PINGTourEurope    So it's a PING final pairing @The_Open tomorrow with @HunterMahan & @WestwoodLee. Cabrera & Jimenez also still in the mix. #G25
Stephanie Connelly
@S_L_Connelly   How do you mark your @Titleist @TFJGOLFGIRL @Golfdotz pic.twitter.com/Mnrn90Fel0
Bettinardi Tour Stock 
‏@HexBTourStock    Bettinardi SS9 Hexperimental in its final stages! //instagram.com/p/b8crwOpHpc/
Nicole Hage 
‏@NicoleHage    Some goodies r coming in 4 @RICOHWomensBrit !! @gfore gloves @pukkainc beanie caps & @PhotoBallMarker !! #standrews pic.twitter.com/3pNg5J99NE
Ping Golf ‏
@PingTour    PING Pro @WestwoodLee had 18 one-putts in 36 holes at #TheOpen. Miguel Angel Jimenez had 17. Both have the #Anser. pic.twitter.com/GCl0jHRQO9
@PingTour    WITB for 3 of the top 6 players at #TheOpen: #G25 driver, #Gorge groove technology, #Anser putter pic.twitter.com/s15Hw9TBZy
‏@Titleist    The @The_Open golf ball count is in...
Titleist: 91
Nearest competitor: 21
Good luck this weekend to #TeamTitleist //youtu.be/JNG-3RP0jY4
TaylorMade Golf ‏
@TaylorMadeGolf    Thanks to our TaylorMade Tour Staff professionals for making us the No. 1 Driver @The_Open 13 years and counting. pic.twitter.com/mnNezmClzj
Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf    Adam Sheldon, our Brand Manager & resident Brit, decked out his #ROTEX wedges with some Union Jacks for #TheOpen. pic.twitter.com/ApRzYXRg6F
Vokey Wedges ‏
@VokeyWedges    Vokey is once again the #1 Wedge @The_Open with 142 wedges in play.  That's more than triple the nearest competitor. #InVokeWeTrust
Low Tide Putters ‏
@LowTidePutters    Quick Pic - Workshop FIN Tube Top in the works. Let us know what you think. pic.twitter.com/adwcMrH0MF
Fairway & Greene 
‏@FairwayGreene    Sneak peek Spring 2014 Fairway & Greene continues to define Classic Golf Style in new exciting ways,... //fb.me/QfUFDDIv
True Temper ‏
@truetempergolf    Your guesses were great! 76% of the field at #TheOpen trusts their game to our shafts w/ our closest competitor only at 12%  #TruthInNumbers
Bettinardi Tour Stock
@HexBTourStock   Bettinardi SS9 Hexperimental in its final stages! //instagram.com/p/b8crwOpHpc/
FootJoy Europe 
‏@FootJoyEurope    @footjoyeurope once again the leading shoe at The Open with 54% of players lacing up in #1 Shoe in Golf. pic.twitter.com/2RcGdbxeZP
SMS Inc. ‏
@SMSInc_On_Tour    Clubs in play at @theopen yesterday - There were 506 wedges - 3.24 wedges per player. @European_Tour @PGATOUR #TheOpen
@SMSInc_On_Tour    Clubs in play at @theopen yesterday - There were 66 hybrids, 66 utility irons and 39 2 irons. @European_Tour @PGATOUR #TheOpen
‏@SMSInc_On_Tour    Clubs in play at @theopen yesterday - 2 players did not have a driver in their bag. @European_Tour @PGATOUR #TheOpen
@SMSInc_On_Tour    Clubs in play at @theopen yesterday - 35.9% of players were not using a 3 iron. @European_Tour @PGATOUR #TheOpen
‏@SMSInc_On_Tour    Clubs in play at @theopen yesterday - 10.9% of players were using a long or belly putter. @European_Tour @PGATOUR #TheOpen
Odyssey Golf
@odysseygolf    The #1PutterInGolf is officially the #1 putter at the 2013 Open Championship. 55 players trusting Odyssey at Muirfield.
Fujikura Composites 
‏@FujikuraOnTour    The number one driver shaft manufacturer and brand at The Open?- U guessed it. Fujikura
‏@FootJoy    FJ is once again the #1 Shoe worn at the Open Championship with 54% of the players wearing FJ. #1ShoeinGolf #FJTheMarkofaPlayer
Dave Cordero (TaylorMade)
‏@davecordero    A whopping 14 @taylormadegolf SLDR prototype drivers in play at the Open Championship. TM Tour rep said best driver since 510 TP #realdeal
Nike Golf 
‏@nikegolf    Covert driver in the bag. @TigerWoods #TheOpen pic.twitter.com/SBDNEibCHr
Michael Putnam 
‏@Michael__Putnam    I have played the new ZSTAR for months now...results, 2 Wins with @SrixonGolf  #SpinSkin it's a great ball #stixtips + #SpinSkin = #WINNING
Pure Grips
@puregrips    Look who stopped by at the end of the day for a set of yellow Mid DTX's.  Look for #charlesbarkley… //instagram.com/p/b7XxFarI-A/
Ian Poulter 
‏@IanJamesPoulter    Day 2 outfit @ijpdesign Tartans and Lineback shirt, #wearthetrousers pic.twitter.com/1yJMfFkd9X
John Huh
@JohnHUH1990    Here is my new bag for @The_Open from  @TaylorMadeGolf  #awesome!!!! pic.twitter.com/dC9vxSfaml
Fairway & Greene ‏
@FairwayGreene    Sneak peek #Spring2014 @TheHomeofGolf came to #NYC showroom & loved how we continue to redefine #ClassicGolfStyle pic.twitter.com/IwK71jkDYj
Ping Golf 
@PingTour    PING putters have won 17 times at The Open. Which PING Pro will hoist the #ClaretJug on Sunday? #TeamPING #VaultView pic.twitter.com/RNp2T8cZKu
@PingTour    Check out this #VaultView of 3 PING putters that were used to win #TheOpen at #Muirfield! ('80, '87, '92) #TeamPING pic.twitter.com/cYOfJndCgx
Rife Putters ‏
@RIFEPUTTERS    Here is an early sample of what eventually ended up becoming our Iconic model. //instagram.com/p/b7w3A9LzSB/
Vokey Wedges 
‏@VokeyWedges    Voke's working on some Hand Grounds this afternoon. This is a Proto 2013 toe stamp. pic.twitter.com/gvvDNV16J6
‏@VokeyWedges    Here's a look at the Proto stamp after. Very clean! pic.twitter.com/ZR9WcXxWFZ
Bettinardi Tour Stock
@HexBTourStock    Full Display at Studio B! Nice Work Mike! @BettinardiGolf pic.twitter.com/E4XPM169l7
John Letters Golf 
‏@JohnLettersGolf    A James Bond fan?! pic.twitter.com/a5pLanXMbY
Ian Poulter ‏
@IanJamesPoulter    Looking good today @NickFaldo006 even you can pull it off. @IJPDesign looks good on everyone #wearthetrousers pic.twitter.com/XNFKx14ABT
Cobra Golf
@cobragolf    Check out the Cobra equipment #TeamCPG is carrying in their bags at the #OpenChamp. //bit.ly/15NFHcd  pic.twitter.com/0gzJ2qLn8y
Scratch Golf
@ScratchGolfClub    Barrel black wide flange with sterling silver inlaid sight line //instagram.com/p/b4y8KknTGi/
Natalie Gulbis 
‏@natalie_gulbis    New Taylor Made hats! Yess!! pic.twitter.com/dWBnSKER6k
BombTech Golf ‏
@BombTechGolf    Lots of Grenades being launched at tomorrow's tournament! #golf pic.twitter.com/jcft3M3lI5
Ashworth Golf 
‏@AshworthGolf    Look for @JustinRose99 to be in these new Ashworth collections starting tomorrow @The_Open. Which is your favorite? pic.twitter.com/5RwQk8Jkcs
Vokey Wedges ‏
@VokeyWedges    No Duf, you can't eat the Vokey poker chip ball marker.  #classic cc @JasonDufner @TitleistEurope pic.twitter.com/EfdjZmXuZn
Axis 1 Golf 
‏@Axis1Golf    Out on the putting green at the Sanderson Farms Classic. #PGATour //fb.me/WOL82ZSE
Cleveland Golf 
‏@ClevelandGolf    We built @gfcgolf a custom #588TT 2 iron at #Muirfield, complete with the colors of the Spanish flag. pic.twitter.com/h7ccOslUpo
Back 9 USA ‏
@Back9USA    .@SirDoubleL sporting his new Skull and Bones fairway wood cover. pic.twitter.com/0iXF26G299
FootJoy Europe 
‏@FootJoyEurope    Brett Rumford working hard on his short. Looking stylish in FJ ICON MyJoys and FJ Apparel. Good luck this week Brett. pic.twitter.com/mpNpmutg89
Titleist Europe ‏
@TitleistEurope    Pro V1's a plenty on the practice ground this week #1ballingolf pic.twitter.com/KhgRIGzwI4
Mizuno Golf
‏@MizunoGolf_News    Here's what the new MP-4 blades look like with a little sun on their backs at Muirfield //goo.gl/g2uKz .   #nothingfeelslikeamizuno.
‏@MizunoGolf_News    Not forgetting 3 new MP A-Series putter models - A304, A305, A306.  Forged, milled and pretty refined.   Pics at //goo.gl/g2uKz
Ian Poulter ‏
@IanJamesPoulter    My putter is selected for the week. It is an Odyssey White Damascus. Rolling it very nice. Testing over for now.  //moby.to/84vfz7
‏@IanJamesPoulter    Thank you to all the putter companies that sent me a new wand, I will get my team to reach out to send back the ones that didn't make it.
‏@IanJamesPoulter    The bag changes this week. Hybrid 2 iron that carry's 240. 3 iron & 4 irons in instead of hybrids. Brand new wedges for extra spin. New wand
@IanJamesPoulter    You will find nearly every player in the field change a few options in the bag this week. Long irons go in, new wedges for spin. Etc
‏@IanJamesPoulter    ZL @Cobragolf driver, Amp Cell 3 wood, Amp cell 2 Hybrid. pic.twitter.com/l0b98PzBHu
‏@IanJamesPoulter    The irons in the bag. @Cobragolf Amp Cell Pro irons 3-PW. Vokey 56 & 62 degree. pic.twitter.com/Q5PRgyT9ye
‏@IanJamesPoulter    A lot of you are thinking I've changed too many clubs. Every club in the bag I have used before. Even putter shape I've used before. #Relax
Golf Pride Grips
@golfpridegrips    .@IanJamesPoulter would these grips make the @IJPDesign line? #tartanpride #golfpride pic.twitter.com/KPTCuH3caf
Low Tide Putters ‏
@LowTidePutters    Quick Pic - New @SaltyGrips in stock. They look awesome! Come and get em'... pic.twitter.com/kknqUxJw9P
Vokey Wedges
@VokeyWedges    Sparks are still flying on this custom Hand Ground. pic.twitter.com/RR95kSMJ2n
‏@VokeyWedges    Beveled topline courtesy of DaVoke. #HandGround pic.twitter.com/yOezBcGmRc
Carly Booth
@CarlyBooth92    “@bossco88: @CarlyBooth92 what’s in the bag?!” VRS blades Covert 3 & 5 Vrs 24 degree and still VRS str8 fit driver at the moment. Method 003
Salty Grips 
‏@SaltyGrips    Another set for our friends at @PingTour and @uazcats97. Enjoy guys!! pic.twitter.com/hBhOl1IKT2
Morten Madsen ‏
@MMadsengolf    Beautiful!:) @TitleistEurope pic.twitter.com/Q7xzyi6VnX
Cleveland Golf
@ClevelandGolf    .@Keegan_Bradley is using a 60 degree 588 wedge with more bounce to cope with the pot bunkers at #Muirfield. pic.twitter.com/Yeh2wJ3t8n
Roger Cleveland (Callaway) 
‏@RogerCleveland    Finishing touches on some new MD2 wedges for @MarcWarrenGolf at Muirfield. pic.twitter.com/E2s0npDW3O
‏@RogerCleveland    Sometimes I love being the delivery man. Fresh MD2's for @MarcWarrenGolf today at Muirfield. pic.twitter.com/oocvNKXkSH
TaylorMade Golf
@TaylorMadeGolf    Major week. Major artillery. More #SLDR prototypes heading off the Tour truck @The_Open. //bit.ly/SLDRpics  pic.twitter.com/lKEh1rq66y
Roberto Castro 
‏@cicioCASTRO    New #swag for the Fall from @DunningGolf. I've worn my share of golf shirts, and these are the best, no question. pic.twitter.com/4MjNer2f2X
Puma Golf
@PUMAGolf    Check out the latest pics of #TeamCPG at Muirfield ahead of The Open Championship! //on.fb.me/18lGCEt  pic.twitter.com/VetWthHwjb
Nike Golf Europe
@NikeGolfEU    The newest tools for the oldest Major. @F_Molinari's new Covert gets a final tune up. pic.twitter.com/2MqZyA9C3B
Mizuno Golf Europe 
‏@MizunoGolf_News    First images of the much anticipated MP-54 now posted on our @The_Open Workshop Blog.  //goo.gl/dobR1 . pic.twitter.com/cQYTTtm3FH
@MizunoGolf_News    Head to our blog //goo.gl/sN1k8  to see more images like this! #MP4 #MP54 #mizunoontour pic.twitter.com/KW6xXMvEOG
‏@MizunoGolf_News    Oh my.....the new MP-54s have been allowed out.  More images on our @The_Open blog. //goo.gl/unOox . pic.twitter.com/nd2EOYQqlV
Dave Cordero (TaylorMade)
‏@davecordero    Every great new @TaylorMadeGolf driver deserves to be carried in a fancy new bag. #comingsoon pic.twitter.com/l7YkGclNR2
Charlie Kautz (TaylorMade)
‏@CharlieTour    Royal blue is the heroic color for the 2013 @TaylorMadeGolf special edition Staff bag ("kit") for @The_Open. pic.twitter.com/8dgQa0jxbl
‏@davecordero    Getting ready: @DJohnsonPGA showcases new driver from @TaylorMadeGolf and Gortex jacket from @adidasGolf pic.twitter.com/GpkanBnk2u
John Hurley ‏
@johnhurleygolf    Excited to rock the @ClevelandGolf 588 TC irons this week in KC! #pinseeker pic.twitter.com/9BvFloqZ2g
Ping Golf Europe ‏
@PINGTourEurope    Double major champ & PING Pro Angel Cabrera having the loft tweaked on a new prototype Rapture Driving Iron: //ow.ly/i/2C8vL
@PINGTourEurope    Angel Cabrera testing our prototype Driving Iron at #Muirfield today: //ow.ly/i/2Cj5I  //ow.ly/i/2Cj6t
Ping Golf ‏
@PingTour    Massive power provided by PING Pro @cabrera_pato and a slow shutter speed courtesy of an iPhone. #TheOpen #TeamPING pic.twitter.com/sV9xq73Eye
@PingTour    It's launch time with the G25 and PING Pro @WestwoodLee. #TheOpen #TeamPING pic.twitter.com/40iDUNmjsN
Bernd Wiesberger
@BWiesberger    This could be the coolest picture i have ever taken...! Looking forward to the Challenge! #TheOpen //fb.me/6nky1GPBG
Matrix Shafts 
‏@MatrixShafts    Congratulations to the 2013 U.S. Senior Open Champion who played an OZIK XCON in his TaylorMade 5-wood!
Marcus Fraser ‏
@Marcusfraser    Great looking @TaylorMadeGolf bag for this weeks @The_Open #muirfield #TheOpen pic.twitter.com/UexeAEvJiq
Fairway & Greene ‏
@FairwayGreene    Golf's #PerfectLayeringPiece looking great @WeeBurn #ClassicGolfStyle is always the look Great @MetropolitanPGA club pic.twitter.com/pnpGsnPUHw
Arron Oberholser 
‏@ArronOberholser    My new toy from @TaylorMadeGolf Will report back after hitting it pic.twitter.com/XtiLEnn7YC
‏@ArronOberholser    10 balls with the @TaylorMadeGolf #sliderdriver First 4 over drew the ball. Slid weight over one notch toward fade, perfect flight.
Callaway Golf
@CallawayGolf    Newest addition to our 2013 Major coin collection just arrived: pic.twitter.com/OPf2ycGvyR
Billy Horschel 
‏@BillyHo_Golf    Got a brand new secret weapon this week for the Open Championship! Keep it be //coll.ag/_UgN5xQA  via @PicColla pic.twitter.com/QdPBM16v4D
@BillyHo_Golf    Here's sketches of my looks for 2013 Open Championship! @RalphLauren #RLX  What do you think?? pic.twitter.com/fphaloPl25
Harry Arnett (Callaway)
‏@HarryArnettCG    Now have 3 of the 4 for this year! pic.twitter.com/ipVW2nilcy
Lizette Salas
@LizetteSalas5    Thank you @FootJoy @TFJGOLFGIRL for my awesome purple kicks! Supporting #purpleweekend and @gorms9 pic.twitter.com/MM9xZuSpDo
adidas Golf ‏
@adidasGolf    Limited Edition blue #adizero sighting @The_Open. //bit.ly/13mzH4Y  #3StripesGolf pic.twitter.com/ezLKVbbe1H
Marianne Skarpnord 
‏@MSkarpnord    New golf bag:-) wooohooo!! @Nordea_NOR #teamnorwaygolf pic.twitter.com/Qcd79fIKIW
FootJoy ‏
@FootJoy    FJ cabin stocked up at Muirfield. Pros can pick up shoes, gloves, socks, ski hats and see @LukeDonald @BWiesberger! pic.twitter.com/jTG2IUOrXG
Titleist on Tour 
‏@TitleistonTour    . @Streels54 showing off his new @ScottyCameron putter headcover in the @Titleist tour van at the @The_Open. pic.twitter.com/iiPimPotX0
‏@TitleistonTour    Day 1 is in the books at @The_Open. Time to restock the golf ball cabinets in the @Titleist tour van. #1ballingolf pic.twitter.com/KMv8Ux445k
Titleist Europe ‏
@TitleistEurope    The special putter cover awaiting all loyal @ScottyCameron users this week @The_Open pic.twitter.com/8g4xkTVD4t
TaylorMade Golf ‏
@TaylorMadeGolf    10 Years of Tradition: Introducing our special edition logo for @The_Open 2013 at #Muirfield //bit.ly/13TMOpen  pic.twitter.com/POVzCkLwbv
‏@TaylorMadeGolf    Made for Muirfield: Unveiling our special edition staff bag for @The_Open 2013 at #Muirfield //bit.ly/Open13Bag  pic.twitter.com/EhywlCvvGU
@TaylorMadeGolf    ICYMI: Today we introduced our newest counterbalance putter, the Spider Mallet. Learn more: //bit.ly/SpdrMllt  pic.twitter.com/cMfmM2T1yn
Wilson Golf ‏
@WilsonGolf    Moline to Muirfield overnight..@Streels54's bag is getting treated on the WS @European_Tour van in prep for #TheOpen. pic.twitter.com/uNhqvrdptR
Roger Cleveland (Callaway)
‏@RogerCleveland    Doing a little work on a Mack Daddy 2 at Muirfield with the @CallawayGolfEU team. pic.twitter.com/rdgFMHGIh7
Vokey Wedges ‏
@VokeyWedges    .@JDCLASSIC Vokey had 151 wedges in play. Closest competitor: 59. #InVokeWeTrust
Adams Golf ‏
@AdamsGolfInc    #1HybridsOnTour update: 45% of all hybrids in play at @JDCLASSIC were Adams. Also, 45% on @WebDotComTour and 36% at #USSeniorOpen
True Temper ‏
@truetempergolf    True Temper & @projectxgolf accounted for 79% of the field at the #JohnDeereClassic with the closest competitor at only 8% #TruthInNumbers
SMS Inc. ‏
@SMSInc_On_Tour    Congratulations to @European_Tour's latest winner, Phil Mickelson. See his winning bag here #AamScottishOpen pic.twitter.com/EmU71oRl2c

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