Three Simple Steps to Consistency
Charlie King, PGA

Problem Area: Fundamentals
Series: Instruction Feature

Published: Tuesday, October 26, 2010 | 1:32 p.m.

Most of us have had the experience of waking up and going through a normal morning, and as soon as you are ready to head out the door, you can't find your keys. You immediately react in a panic and begin to think, "Where are they?" and "Why aren't they here?" Your day becomes increasingly chaotic until your keys are found. The same thing happens when you haphazardly step up to hit a golf shot. Your mind is in a chaotic state and makes it very difficult to hit good shots consistently.

There is a simple 3-Step routine that you can follow to create consistency in your golf shots.

1. Think It

2. Feel It

3. Do It Think It

Look at your lie, judge the wind, and look at your target. After you have done these three things, put the information together and pick a club. Feel It - This is figuring out how to get the ball to your target, whether you hit a draw or fade or a high shot or low shot. You can do this by drawing on past experiences in your shot making or else through making a rehearsal swing. The rehearsal swing should be an exact copy of what you plan on doing, thus helping you avoid excess thought. Take this feeling you now have and approach the ball. Do It - The stage starts about 2 feet before you get to the ball when you cross what we like to call the commitment line. At this point, you do not change your mind and you should minimize any thoughts. You need to make the exact swing as your rehearsal swing by feel. Focus in on your target area and execute your swing.

These 3 steps should take 20 to 40 seconds. The end result will be more consistency in your shots and you will find yourself playing up to your ability. If you still have nagging missed shots, come to one of our golf schools so we can work on producing a repeating ball flight.

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