9 of the best and worst trick shots of 2016

trick shot
There's a fine line between a perfectly executed trick shot and one that fails miserably.
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Tuesday, December 13, 2016 | 12:21 p.m.

How do you feel about golf trick shots? Awesome? Played out?

If you fall into the latter category, is it at least safe to say they're fun to watch in small doses?

Thanks, or no thanks, to the Bryan Brothers -- masters of the trick shot -- there have been so many imposters the last few years. As is usually the case, the imposter just isn't in the same league as the original.

But, every now and again, we're pleasantly surprised. That was the case with a few trick shots in 2016. And after these impressive shot executions, enjoy our favorite trick-shot videos of the year.

Here are six of our favorites successful trick shots:

6. Bubba Watson juggle and toss at Oakmont. During a practice round at the U.S. Open this past June, Bubba stuck the landing on this impressive trick. First he hits a half-swing flop-shot, juggles the ball mid-air, catches it and then tosses it right into the bottom of the cup. Given the green speeds at Oakmont, the toss into the hole was probably the most eye-popping part of this trick.

5. Jordan Spieth flops a marshmallow into the air and catches it in his mouth. This one took some serious coordination. Also, extra points for nailing it in front of a crowd. It's hard enough to pull off a trick like that with just a camera focused on you. Forget hundreds of eyeballs.

4. Golfer incorporating soccer juggling skills with trick shot. Is this amazing, or what?


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3. Kid knocks candle out of dad's mouth. Don't try this at home, ladies and gents. Probably not the brightest idea on a few levels: 1. having a candle in your mouth; 2. playing golf in the house; 3. playing golf in the house and using the ball to knock something out just inches away from your dad's face.

2. Golfer hits golf ball out of mid-air while standing on roof of a moving golf cart. Level of difficulty on this one is pretty high. Almost reminds me of a dunk contest where the dunker is relying heavily on the timing of his teammate with a lob or toss. Same here.

1. The flip club, swing and strike ball in one motion trick. This shot from a PGA Professional in Utah was hands down our favorite from 2016. We've watched it almost 100 times and still have no idea how he managed to pull it off.

Almost as much fun as a perfectly executed trick shot is watching one that doesn't go according to plan... at all. Like these three.

3. Fairly innocent trick shot attempt becomes expensive. Two guys clowning around in the woods, enjoying some adult beverages. Suddenly they decide to attempt a toss and smash. The toss is delivered beautifully, but as you'll see in a second, the guy holding the driver might have hit it a little "necky" and loses the clubhead on what looks to be a pretty expensive driver.

2. Golfer gets more than golf ball on shot teed up from friend's belt. I have a few friends I trust with my life. I don't trust any of them to hit a golf ball that's in anyway teed up on any part of my body. That's not the case for these two.

1. Ball teed up on man's backside driven into back of man's head. I sure hope this guy is OK. But man, oh man, what a dumb way to get hurt. You have to wonder what these guys were thinking. Best guess? They weren't.

T.J. Auclair is a Senior Interactive Producer for PGA.com and has covered professional golf since 1998, traveling to over 60 major championships. You can follow him on Twitter, @tjauclair.