Arnold Palmer makes a special call

Arnold Palmer
Photo: Courtesy Arnold Palmer Hospital
When Arnold Palmer makes a special request, even Santa Claus feels compelled to say yes.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Friday, December 27, 2013 | 10:51 p.m.

Why is Arnold Palmer "The King?"

Is it because of his seven major championships? Or his charisma and handsome looks that made golf a popular, television product? Is it because of his ability to smile and make others feel as if every moment with him means as much to him as it does to the millions of fans he's encountered? Well, all of these - and then some - surely have something to do with it.

But I like to think that he's "The King" because he can look represent the sport of golf in a way that, quite simply, no one else can. His charitable works surpass anything he's done between the ropes. And when he can't do it, he knows who to call that can make the magic happen. The latest ad from the hospital that bears his name is a perfect case in point.

Check it out...and never mind the dust that will surely settle into your eye.

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