Bradley reveals he's still being called 'cheater'

Keegan Bradley
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Keegan Bradley seems to have become the poster boy for the anchored putter-ban debate.

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Published: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 | 3:10 p.m.


It found its way into a small part of a much bigger story on the proposed anchoring ban by USA Today's Steve Dimeglio on Tuesday afternoon, but it popped off the page.
Keegan Bradley, the first player to win a major championship (2011 PGA Championship) with an anchored putter, is still being called a cheater.
Dimeglio wrote:
What's happening now is Bradley, the first player to win a major title anchoring the putter at the 2011 PGA Championship (followed by anchoring wins last year from Webb Simpson in the U.S. Open and Ernie Els in the British Open), continues to be called a cheater.
"Commissioner Finchem and the PGA Tour have always had their players' backs, no matter how big or small the group is," Bradley said. "Two of the biggest golf organizations, the PGA Tour and the PGA of America have said that they don't agree with the USGA (and R&A). If they are really taking this comment period seriously, I think they really need to look at what's been said by both those organizations.
" ... When I won the PGA in 2011 with a belly putter, I did my press conference and I didn't get asked one question about it.
" ... I'm being called a cheater more than ever by fans, by some writers — none of your guys — and it's really tough. A lot of it's on Twitter, which is ridiculous, anyways, I know. I do read it and I shouldn't. I can't imagine how people can say that to me or to anybody out here. It's been really difficult, and I'm sick of it to be honest. I'm ready to be over it. I realize that this is going to be an issue now for the next couple years, at least. I hope the USGA thought about us players before they did this, because it's been really difficult on me and I know it's been really difficult on some other players, too."
" ... It's a mess. It's going to be a mess."
Whichever side of the fence you stand on when it comes to the debate regarding anchored putters, there's no place in the game for heckling players... especially when they're doing something perfectly legal (for now).
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