Bubba Watson gets serious with Piers Morgan, goofy with Craig Ferguson

Piers Morgan with Bubba Watson
Bubba Watson (r) told Piers Morgan that he'd be less nervous hosting a talk show than standing over a three-foot putt.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, February 12, 2014 | 12:55 a.m.
Bubba Watson has been a busy dude lately, appearing on both ''The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson'' on CBS and ''Piers Morgan Live'' on CNN in the last couple of days.
The two appearances could hardly have been more different. With Morgan, Watson took on weighty topics including his criticism of the Olympics and the announcement by football player Michael Sam that he was gay. 
''It's sad that somebody has to feel like they have to come out,'' Watson said. ''I don't believe you should be compelled to come out. They're just people like me and you trying to make a dollar and have a good living.''
Speaking of making a living, Morgan and Watson jokingly discussed switching jobs. 
Hosting a talk show ''would be more fun for me,'' said Watson. ''I wouldn't be as nervous in your chair as I am over a three-foot putt.''
Watson's appearance with Ferguson was light-hearted from beginning to end. He and Ferguson – a new and enthusiastic golfer about whom we have written before – bantered back and forth about Watson's shiny silver shoes, his son Caleb, golf etiquette and much more.
Watson revealed that one of his golf superstitions is that he has to have three tees in his pocket at all times out on the course. ''As soon as one breaks, I have to get another right away,'' he said. ''I make my caddie stop and I get one out of the bag.''
Near the end of the eight-minute segment, Ferguson asked Watson if he'd ever hit a bad shot in a tournament that he wished hadn't been televised.
''If you notice [in the clip that Ferguson played of Watson's famous recovery shot at the 2012 Masters], I was in the woods,” Watson said with a grin. ''I had my my head down, I was pouting just like everybody does.''
Here are the two videos. The Piers Morgan excerpt is a little more than a minute, while the Ferguson segment runs more than eight minutes. The Ferguson video is of the entire show, but Watson comes on at about the 30:30 mark.