Celebrating the Perfect Putt

The Perfect Putt
Photo: Courtesy Grantland YouTube Channel
Scoring a 1 is tough enough in putt-putt, but 18 in a row? Rick Baird has done it.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, March 04, 2014 | 2:33 p.m.

The old adage is: Don't let perfect be the enemy of good. But sometimes, good - or even great - isn't the goal. Perfect is.

Take Rick Baird, a member of the PPA. The PPA - otherwise known as the Professional Putters Association, the orgainization that puts on tournaments around miniature golf - known by many (by the brand name) Putt-Putt.

In 2007, Baird was the PPA Player of the Year. That's pretty good. But it's what he accomplished in 2011 - and only now getting the full press it deserves - that really boggles the mind. Baird acheived perfection. That's right. He scored an 18 in a round of miniature golf. 18 up - 18 aces. It's only been done three times...ever.

Moreover, the story of Baird's perfection is brilliantly told through the lens of a Grantland mini-documentary - which also details how nearly impossible the math says it is to accomplish what Baird did that day. They also use a brilliant animation to show each hole and the putt that went in. Really well done.



I actually tried to imagine the pressure that goes through one's mind as they step up to a geometrically devious golf hole with no real architectual ryhme or reason to it - with the goal being, "let's make history." Every year, someone is going to have a putt to win the Masters. Every two years, a putt at the Ryder Cup will feel like the whole world is watching. But this was really a putt that might not be seen again for a generation. Amazing.

So this is a couple of years old - but it's new to me, so it's news to me. Congratulations Rick Baird. You weren't simply good that day...not even simply great. You were perfect.  

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