Clicgear makes it easy to walk the course without lightening the load

Clicgear push carts allow you to take everything you need on the golf course without the burden of a heavy load.

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Published: Thursday, February 28, 2013 | 9:46 a.m.


If you made a New Year's resolution to get fit, hopefully you're still sticking to it.
And, if you're looking for a great way to keep that going as the winter turns to spring and golf season begins, surely you know it's better to walk than ride a cart, right?
But who wants to carry a golf bag 18 holes? Especially when it gets hot. You're going to add weight -- no matter how light the bag -- when you throw some bottles of water in there, an umbrella, etc.
Well, don't worry about that stuff anymore. Just worry about walking. Thanks to Clicgear -- a high-end push-cart -- and an outstanding line of accessories for your cart, you can walk without carrying any of the extra weight and still enjoy all the features of a riding cart.
We caught up recently with Todd Hansen, the National Sales Manager of the ProActive Sports Group, which produces the Clicgear cart. The latest version, the Clicgear Model 3.5+, has been a hit.
"The Model 3.5+ is our 4th generation of cart dating back to the Fall of 2006," Hansen said. "The cool thing about Clicgear is that we truly listen to feedback that we get from both our retail partners and the consumers who use Clicgear products. The changes that we make with each new cart model reflect our response to this feedback."
As a result, Hansen said, the Model 3.5+ includes the following upgrades:
- 80% larger storage net
- New bag straps that are easier to handle
- Improved brake system
- Mat finish paint
- Improved adjustable cup holder
All of that doesn't even include many of the great additional accessories you can purchase to add to the cart. You can add a cooler tube to store beverages; a seat -- yes, a seat -- that attaches to the frame; a shoe brush to keep the bottom of your shoes clean; a steering knob; wheel covers to keep the trunk of your car clean; a GPS/smartphone holder and more.
"The accessory collection is really fun, and one of the things that sets Clicgear apart from our competition," Hansen said. "The idea is to really find products that will enhance the round of golf -- convenience accessories that are functional."
The idea for Clicgear came from Kevin Kimberley, an industrial engineer from Canada.
"He got the idea after picking up all his friends for a round of golf and realized by the time he picked up the fourth person there was no room in the car," Hansen said.
So while the Clicgear is pretty much the Rolls-Royce of push carts with all its features, it truly separates itself from the competition thanks to the compact design, overall engineering, quality of the components used, the accessories and the colors that are offered.
"We have been amazed at how passioniate Clicgear users are," Hansen said. "We get posts on our Facebook page daily from our users. They send us pictures of their carts and tell us how much they love our product. Of course they tell us things we can improve, but that is how we keep improving. It truly is very satisfying."
So does Hansen ever run into perfect strangers on the course and see them using a Clicgear cart?
"It happens all the time," he said. "I will often times head to the golf course without a tee time on a last-minute decision. I'm based in Oregon, so we watch the weather report often! I get paired with other singles or a maybe a threesome. More times than not one of the players will be using a Clicgear. I usually play things pretty cool and start with, 'cool cart, how do you like it?'  Typically the reponse is positive, and then I will tell the player I work for the company. Then they typcially tell how much they LOVE the cart. I get a kick out of this."
There are many ways for you to check out Clicgear on your own. 
Visit the website,
Click here to check Clicgear out on Facebook.
Follow Clicgear on Twitter, @clicgearusa.
If you'd like to buy the cart (which retails for around $219) and accessories, there are many ways to do so.
"We always encourage golfers to support their local pro or golf retailer," Hansen said. "Clicgear can be found just about everywhere. From all the major golf retail stores, to your local pro shop. If you go to a shop and don't find Clicgear, demand that the retail special order a cart for you! OK, maybe demand is a strong word, but we want our potential retail customers to feel the demand for our cart. Since we have been in business for six years, most every store or shop will know Clicgear. We do offer carts for sale on our website as well."
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