The evolution of errant-shot etiquette

Adam Scott at the PGA Championship
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Sending flowers to a woman he hit with a stray shot likely will earn Adam Scott even more female fans.

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Published: Saturday, August 11, 2012 | 2:06 a.m.

Adam Scott clocked a woman on the noggin with a drive on Friday at the PGA Championship, but the bruise is probably worth the benefits – Scott got her address and promised to send her a bouquet for her bump.

"Unfortunately, I hit a lady on the seventh hole. She was getting some medical attention and I hope she is going to be okay," Scott said afterward. "She will be getting a big bunch of flowers from me."

Scott’s gentlemanly gesture came a few weeks after Rory McIlroy hit a teenaged spectator in the first round of the British Open. McIlroy's wayward tee shot left the young man dazed and lying on the ground. After the youth's head was bandaged, McIlroy signed a glove for him. And after McIlroy’s manager found out that the teen and his friend were camping out so they could attend the Open, he arranged for them to be moved to an upscale hotel for the rest of the week.

These incidents caught the attention of former PGA Champion Steve Elkington, who couldn’t help but notice how much things have changed when it comes to errant-shot etiquette.

“Old School..Hit spectator with ball .."you ok pal?",” tweeted Elkington. “New School .. Hit Spectator ...send flowers .. Hotel room .. $200 ... Dinner”