Is the 'flop shot catch challenge' really a thing?

flop shot catch challenge
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First it was the "Ice Bucket Challenge," then the "Get Out Challenge," and now the "Flop Shot Catch Challenge"?
By Matt S. Craig

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Sunday, April 02, 2017 | 2:01 p.m.

The internet has its warts, I give you that, but you can't tell me that it doesn't also have some incredible benefits.

You can order a pizza in two clicks. You can find out who that one actor is in that one movie. And last, but certainly not least, you can participate in the "challenges" that spread like wildfire across social media.

They're sometimes heartfelt, such as the "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge." Sometimes they are nostalgic, as in the case of the "Running Man Challenge." Or surprising, like the "Mannequin Challenge." Or just downright hilarious, as in the new "Get Out Challenge."

But they all amount to about the same thing. You do something embarrassing or impressive, film it, and put it on the internet. Get enough people to do the same thing and you've got a challenge.

So by that criteria, do we have a new viral internet challenge on our hands?

It's called the "Flop Shot Catch Challenge," and it's exactly what it sounds like. You hit a flop shot and see if you can catch it.

With most mobile phones being able to now capture slow motion video, the drama is actually pretty intense. See for yourself.



@tourstrikergolf @jimld flop shot catch challenge accepted . Who did it better? @tpcscottsdale

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Is this really going to be a thing?

I'm here for it!

Matt S. Craig is a intern and a Digital Sports Production student at Ball State University.