"Better than Oscars" golf awards

Phil Mickelson offers a thumbs up
Courtesy USA Today
Phil Mickelson's "thumbs up" gesture quickly became one of the most iconic images of 2013.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, February 27, 2014 | 3:58 p.m.

Hey, are you guys excited about this weekend's Academy Awards? Nope, me neither.

I get that the Oscars is kind of important in the entertainment world, but when there seems to be some awards show celebrating the exact same thing seemingly every week - well, the shine is off the gold statuette.

Unless....what if someone came up with an awards show celebrating the things people actually are interested in. You know, like GOLF. It wouldn't be the best players (hey, we have majors for that!) or even the best coverage, but the things that you remember and enjoy that happen on a week to week basis. The things that aren't celebrated like they should be. We could call them the "Kimmys" and they would be the industry standard (or at least, in my mind.) No, there'd be no prize for the winners....but on their deathbed, they'd receive total consciousness. So they'd have that going for them...which is nice.

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Anyways ... let's do it. With a super secret committee of one judging, here are this year's Kimmy winners.

Best putt by a non-golfer: Patrick Burch, the Auburn fan who made a 90 footer to win a car. Burch, attending his first basketball game, is randomly selected from the crowd. He's not a golfer, didn't even think he could hit the large board on the other end of the floor, and well....

Best golf shot by an animal: The anonymous man, who was dressed as a dog, when he hit the shot to win a new Toyota. Yeah, you read that right. There was a little controversy as to whether he'd get the car, but ultimately, it was resolved in his favor. You know, every dog has his day type stuff. 

Best "going for a run" on a golf course: Kimberly Webster, you may know her as the Presidents Cup streaker. I'm not linking to the story or any image. But you can use Google if you want. (By the way, streaking is bad. Don't do this. But congrats on the "Kimmy")

Best disappearing act on a golf course: Mark Mihal, who didn't duck behind a tree, or go into the clubhouse at the turn to never come back. Nope, Mihal fell into a sinkhole while playing. "And like that, poof, he's gone."

Best flash of a finger on the golf course: Phil Mickelson. I probably get a few different fingers flashed at me from time to time, but Phil's "Thumbs Up" sign became iconic symbol of his very popular win at the sport's oldest major.




Best Dufnering pose: PGA Officers at the PGA Championship. I'm not saying seeing the PGA leadership having some fun with the Dufnering phenomena had anything to do with him winning the PGA Championship....I'm just not saying it didn't.



Best Caddie Read: Steve Williams. In the first playoff hole of the 2013 Masters, Williams was asked by his boss - Adam Scott - to take a look at the critical birdie putt. Williams saw it, disagreed with Scott's assessment and won the pace and line debate. Scott then makes the putt and claims Australia's first green jacket.

Worst Caddie Read: 18-way tie from a certain caddie of mine at a certain course that I'm not going to name. He knows who he is. #StillBitter

Best way to turn pro: Lydia Ko's round of golf with famous New Zealand rugby player "Izzy" Dagg culminates in her official (and fun) announcement that she's ready to turn professional.  

Best ad and worst tv golf ad: Mike's golf shop. Really. Best and worst. 30 seconds of awesomeness - and awfulness.

Best tweet announcing we're not open: Pinehurst Resort shares the famous Payne Stewart statue to create some Tweet magic on a day when there'd be no golf taking place on No. 2.



Best day for double eagles: Jan 10th, 2014. That's the day - literally a world apart - Joost Luiten, playing in South Africa, and James Hahn, playing in Hawaii, both recorded the ultra-rare albatross. Better yet, both were caught on film.

Best two-hole stretch of golf: Jim Machowski. This New Englander had two aces in the same round. That's incredible. Actually, he had them back-to-back. That's unreal. Oh wait, he had them both on par 4s!  That's...ridiculous.  What a day at Ridgewood Country Club in Moultonborough, N.H.

Best tan line: Stewart Cink. No really.



Best bunker save: Friends of Dougie Thompson, who rescued him from the jaws of a 12-foot crocodile.

Best way to honor a friend:  Friends of Tom Churchill gathered to play some golf at the annual "Closing Day" at the Cassique River Club, when they leanred their pal Churchie had passed away the night before. They decided to dedicate the day to his memory.  71 golfers took part. Six made aces. Amazing. 

Obviously, this only highlights some, a few, of the great and fun acheivements in golf in the past year. The awards are highly subjective and not that important. But they're still better than watching the Oscars (says me). What are your golf awards? Join the conversation on our Facebook page.

John Kim doesn't think awards are important but he has won three CableFAX awards in the last three years and thinks you should know that. You can follow him on Twitter at @johnkim