Chronicling 2014 with #PGA365

January 1 - #PGA365
Photos: Courtesy awesome folks on Twitter
From Torrey Pines to Ireland, January 1, 2014 was well represented on Day 1 of #PGA365.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, January 01, 2014 | 2:18 p.m.

No one tells better golf stories than....golfers.

And if a picture tells a thousand words - what will a year of golf photos tell?

Thus, we introduce #PGA365. We want to tell the story of golf around the country (and the world) in 2014 through YOUR eyes. We know that every day, every hour, every second - someone is playing golf and loving it. We want to share the power of that passion with the larger golf community. We can do it in the most viral and social of ways - by using our social platforms.

All we ask that if you are out playing golf - capture the day with a photo and share it with us.

Once you have it - get that photo to us. Tag it with the name of the course, the date it was taken, and use hashtag #PGA365 to indicate you want it to be considered for the feature. Upload it to our Facebook page, tweet it to our Twitter account, tag it to our Instagram page or email it to us. (You can also tweet them to me at @johnkim)

We will chronicle every day of the year with a 'Photo of the Day'. But will we look at all of them and share as many as we can with the larger audience. In time, this will be a definitive look at golf in 2014. It will show the different courses, architectures, climates and conditions that we all play in - but more than anything, it will celebrate a game that we all love tremendously.

On Day 1 - we asked via Twitter for some help. The response was overwhelming. From Torrey Pines to the Florida coast - from beautiful sun to snow a foot deep - we received some incredible photos. All we ask is that you keep playing golf - and keep the photos coming.

We said we'd select one photo for Photo of the Day.  And here it is: From Joe Leenheer, PGA and their New Year's Day tradition at Silver Lake Country Club in Silver Lake, Ohio.


Thank you in advance for your support. You've already shown that you love and promote golf in the most extraordinary ways. This is simply adding to that already awesome story. 

UPDATE: See 'Photo(s) of the Day' for January