The hits keep coming for Olympic golf

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Golf will be a part of the 2016 Olympics in Brazil. However, there have been serious snags with the construction of the Olympic Course.

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Published: Thursday, February 21, 2013 | 9:22 a.m.


Things haven't exactly been what you'd call smooth sailing for the IOC and golf in the Olympics. 
Golf, which has been added to the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, hit another snag this week with a dispute over the land being used for the Olympic course.
A website called reported on Wednesday:
The IOC officials were reportedly surprised at their hotel to be met by a court member seeking the president of the coordination commission for the 2016 Games, Nawal El Moutawakel, to sign the order notifying her and the IOC of the dispute.
The International Olympic Committee and 2016 Rio committee have downplayed issues related to the course as golf prepares to make its return to the games for the first time in 110 years.
According to Sergio Antunes Lima Jr., the lawyer of the company which is claiming ownership of the area where the 2016 Rio committee says the golf course will be built, El Moutawakel and the other IOC members seemed confused when they were approached by the court official and there was a lot of discussion until lawyers from the 2016 Rio organising committee finally arrived.
Lima Jr., who said he was accompanying the court official, said Rio 2016 Organising Committee President Carlos Nuzman also arrived later.
The Rio committee, which last year went through the embarrassment of having to fire several employees who illegally downloaded files from British organisers during the London Games, said it was not involved in the court order and gave support to the IOC officials only because the document presented to them was in Portuguese and dealt with Brazilian law.
El Moutawakel said she complied with the court official but could do nothing more than relay the document to the IOC's legal departments in Switzerland.
"This morning I received documents in my hotel which I was unable to understand, I was unable to read because they were in Portuguese," El Moutawakel said. "We have passed on all of these documents to our lawyers in Lausanne for translation and that's all I can tell you at the moment regarding this question."
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