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Jason Dufner
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It seems Jason Dufner's three favorite things these days are winning golf tournaments, Auburn football and annoying good buddy Keegan Bradley.
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Friday, December 06, 2013 | 9:14 a.m.

Ever since the 2011 PGA Championship where Keegan Bradley edged Jason Dufner in a playoff at the Atlanta Athletic Club, the two have formed a bond.

Like any two alpha males, however, that bond is fostered more by ribbing than anything else.

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The number of stunts the two have pulled on one another over the last couple of years seem endless. Here are a few just from this year: When Bradley switched from a visor to one of those flat-billed hats, Dufner tweeted a picture of the Lego Man in a construction helmet and asked if that was the look Bradley was going for; at the PGA Championship -- which Dufner won at Oak Hill -- the two were part of a pre-tournament money match. Bradley, trailing in the match with partner Rob Labritz, a PGA Professional, said to Labritz, "Hey Rob, did I ever tell you this story? I was 4 down with five to go and I won this tournament," -- that's what Bradley did to Dufner in the 2011 PGA and he said those words loud enough for Dufner to hear; paired together at the 2013 Tour Championship, Bradley holed out a shot for eagle from the fairway and immediately Dufnered in celebration.

There have been many more moments between the two, the latest of which came on Thursday in the first round of the Northwestern Mutual World Challenge at Sherwood Country Club.

After Dufner hit a shot from a bunker, Bradley's caddie, Steve "Pepsi" Hale, walked into the bunker to rake. As he stepped in, Hale picked up a massive rock, handed it to Dufner and said, "You want a souvenir?"

Dufner took the rock and walked directly to Bradley's bag and stuff it in one of the pockets.

Here's the video:



Sure, Pepsi picked up on it while it was happening, but it was classic nonetheless.

Bottom line: Bradley and Dufner need their own reality show.

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