John Daly wades into water hazard with shoes on to play ball

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When John Daly had to play his ball from the water hazard, he waded in shoes and all in classic John Daly fashion.
By Matt S. Craig

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Sunday, February 19, 2017 | 2:23 p.m.

We've all seen a scene like this on television.

A PGA Tour player hooks his drive into the water hazard, the ball stays dry and there's a shot to be played. Then the seemingly hour-long process of taking off his socks and shoes, rolling up his pants, and preparing himself to play the shot while standing in the water.

Perhaps you've even done this in one of your rounds, taking the time to protect those over-priced golf shoes and pants.

Well that's not how John Daly rolls. The man who lives by his "grip it and rip it" motto did exactly what you'd expect when he found his ball in the water hazard on the 17th hole in the second round of the Chubb Classic.

He just went for it, shoes, pants and all.

"There's a gator down in that lake" says the commentator. You think that's going to stop John Daly? Think again.



Matt S. Craig is a intern and a Digital Sports Production student at Ball State University.