Kate Upton gets golf lesson from Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer and Kate Upton
Kate Upton via Twitter
Kate Upton took to Twitter Tuesday to say she had an "amazing" golf lesson from Arnold Palmer.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 | 10:12 p.m.

We all remember last spring, when Kate Upton spent a day with Arnold Palmer at Bay Hill. The Sports Illustrated cover girl had dinner with the King, who inducted her into Arnie's Army by affixing one of his famous umbrella pins to her lapel and even getting a smooch.

Well, it looks as if Kate got the golf bug, because on Tuesday she got a lesson from Palmer. And not just a lesson – an ''amazing lesson,'' as she described it on Twitter. She also posted the photo above of teacher and pupil in their golf togs out on the links. 

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They look awfully composed in that picture, which makes me think this was part of a photo shoot. And Upton included a shout-out to Golf Digest in her tweet, making me wonder if the magazine is behind this. I saw nothing on the Golf Digest site to indicate that, but I also won't be surprised to see this image or one like it in my mailbox a couple of issues from now.

In any case, it's good to see Palmer doing his part to recruit new golfers into the game!

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And speaking of Palmer, ESPN ranks the spot in which he makes an Arnold Palmer in the ESPN cafeteria while Scott van Pelt and Stuart Scott look on in awe as No. 11 on their list of their all-time best house ads. Even better – and which we didn't see on TV – is that on the same day Palmer filmed that commercial, the ESPNers got him outside and asked him to chip a ball into an Arnold Palmer. 

Needless to say, the King came through yet again.





BTW, if you haven't seen the video of Arnie chipping the ball into a glass containing an Arnold Palmer (the link is in the story above), go there and see it. He's just out on the lawn at ESPN, apparently, with all these people having come out of their offices, and he hits the one-hopper into the glass. (No, it doesn't matter how many takes. It was not an easy shot, and there was no guarantee of success even if he did it 20 times. And he's over 80.) The fact that he would hang around and do that is the kind of thing that makes people just love the guy, and for good reason.

For the record, the reason I got into the game at age 10 was that I ran across two books at a swap meet: The USGA Rules of Golf Illustrated, and Palmer's My Game and Yours. One made me think this was the weirdest game with the oddest rules I'd ever heard of. The other made me think I could love it. All these years on, playing and teaching as a pro for a while, plus-2 handicap as an amateur, writing about it as a sportswriter, etc., and that man was the main reason I got into it in the first place.


Well, god-DANG, Arnold D. Palmer. How about _that_?