Keegan Bradley has 'Baba Booey' etched into new wedge

Keegan Bradley
Keegan Bradley/Instagram
2011 PGA Champion Keegan Bradley tweeted out this image of his new Cleveland wedge this morning, emblazoned with, "Baba Booey."
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Thursday, August 29, 2013 | 2:09 p.m.
We all know where Englishman Ian Poulter stands when it comes to fans screaming nonsensical things on the golf course -- he doesn't like it.
At all.
Especially "Baba Booey," which ultimately led to a playful, mini Twitter war between Poulter and the "King of All Media," Howard Stern, recently.
Baba Booey is the nickname of Stern's longtime Executive Producer, Gary Dell'Abate. It's fun to say -- we guess -- and it's now heard virtually on a weekly basis at PGA Tour events nanoseconds after a player makes contact with the ball.
Not everyone feels the same way as Poulter. In fact, 2011 PGA Champion Keegan Bradley -- who counts himself as one of Stern's biggest fans -- loves it.
To pay homage (we guess), Bradley tweeted out the photo you see above Thursday morning -- his new Cleveland wedge emblazoned with the name Poulter loathes, "Baba Booey."
You can be sure Bradley and Poulter will be hearing some, "Baba Booeys" this week at TPC Boston.
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Your probably right he should have gotten congressional approval before he grew some nuts!!!
Only a true liberal could turn golf political!!!!!!!!!


I am sorry to learn that Keegan Bradley is a fan of someone as obnoxious as Howard Stern. I gave him more credit for maturity and scruples. On the other hand, he's part of an organization that is 99%+ composed of republicans, so I guess he was destined to disappoint eventually on a personal level.