Lydia Ko putts with Stephen Curry and Golden State Warriors – on court!

Lydia Ko and Stepehn Curry
Lydia Ko via Twitter
"So cool to meet you," Lydia Ko said on Twitter of her meeting with Stephen Curry. She also said, "I'll give you a couple shots a side when we tee it up."
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, March 09, 2016 | 4:18 p.m.
The LPGA Tour is off this week, so world No. 1 Lydia Ko is up in the Bay Area for a little work and a little play. The work is doing some promotion for the upcoming Swinging Skirts Classic, which will be played in San Francisco in late April.
The play – goofing around with the NBa Champion Golden State Warriors at their pre-game shootaround. She also plans to attend their game tonight against the Utah Jazz. 
We're not sure how much practice the Warriors got in before everyone took a break to watch Ko show off her putting – on the court, with Curry and another avid golfer, Andre Iguodala. We've haven't seen much video yet, but the photos look like everyone was having a lot fun – though maybe not quite as much fun as Curry and Iguodala had when they played Augusta National last week – in their full-court putting contest.
One funny moment: Curry was asked about playing golf with Ko, and he replied that "I don't want that beatdown!"
Here are some photos and video: