Most annoying golf partners
Cy Cyr's Sam Weinman put together a hysterical slideshow of most annoying golf partners, including, "The Volcano," pictured above.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 | 2:23 p.m.


Cool piece I stumbled upon today on by Sam Weinman.
Weinman put together a funny slideshow of the most annoying golf partners you can have -- he highlighted 36 in all!
Among the beauties -- and I know I've played with all of them -- Weinman points out:
Unsolicited Swing Advice Guy
Defining characteristics: Knows exactly how to fix your swing even though you didn't ask. Employs a vast array of swing jargon that only confuses you further.
Favorite expression: "Wait, try this!"
The Cart Girl Schmoozer
Defining characteristics: Convinced he's got a shot with the cart girl. Would be crushed to learn she offered the same flirty laugh and bag of nuts to foursome of geeks up ahead. 
Favorite expression: "We'll take four beers and one more smile, darlin'."
The Air Counter
Defining characteristics: Can't remember his score without reliving every shot in detail. 
Favorite expression: "One in the pond, two drop, three back in the pond. Four I had that funky lie in the bunker and left it in the bunker ... "
Oblivious Guy
Defining characteristics: So preoccupied with his own game never looks for anyone else's ball. When driving a cart, always blows past your ball and heads directly to his. 
Favorite expression: "But enough about me. What do YOU think of my swing?"
The Volcano
Defining characteristics: Has unique ability to allow even the most pleasant days to be soured by any bad swing, bounce, or lie. Relies on Ball Retriever Guy to occasionally fetch clubs out of lake. 
Favorite expression: ""
If you're looking for a good laugh, check out the rest of Weinman's list here.
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