Olympic gold medalist finds a new sports love - golf

Ashton Eaton talks golf
The PGA of America
Olympic gold medalist visits with the Golf Channel to talk of his new love of golf.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, June 25, 2013 | 8:23 p.m.
What makes golf so attractive to so many? It's the simplicity and the challenge - it's a sport that anyone can enjoy but even the finest athletes in the world can never conquer.  
So how about THE world's finest athlete?
Olympic gold medalist and world-record holder in both the decathlon and the heptathlon, Ashton Eaton, paid a visit to the 46th PGA Professional National Championship to watch some of the country's top players compete and to discuss his new found love of golf.  
Eaton, who grew up in nearby Bend, Ore., discovered golf recently through a local Get Golf Ready program.  From his first swings, he was hooked - and though having very limited time to devote to anything other than the vast array of track & field events he competes in - Eaton is making time to work on his new found passion.
"I was never interested in golf until someone brought up the Get Golf Ready program to me," Eaton said. "They suggested that I just try it - and so I did. And now, yes, I'm very interested."
Eaton took up the game at the beginning of June and in three months, has become an ambassador for golf in many ways. During his visit to Sunriver and the PGA PNC, Eaton spent time live with many media outlets, including a live interview on the Golf Channel, to discuss his affinity for the game.
"Track and field is tougher physically," Eaton says, "but golf is tougher mentally." 
Traditionally, the winner of the Olympic decathlon is referred to as the "World's Greatest Athlete" but Eaton understands that golf is a game that can never be fully mastered.
"The thing that attracted me to it was the challenge - and it's still a great distraction from me from the very serious business of my training. I haven't played a full round of golf yet, but I did make two pars my first time out on a golf course. So now that bar has been set and next time, I want to make four pars."
There is perhaps no better arbiter of a great challenge and fun time than a world-class athlete like Ashton Eaton. Get Golf Ready inspired him to take up golf - and he has. What can it do for you? Find out at GetGolfReady.com  or PGA.com/playgolf