Paula Creamer tries to recreate her amazing 75-foot putt

Paula Creamer
HSBC via YouTube
Paula Creamer drained another huge putt, under very different circumstances, in her return to the scene of her 75-foot eagle putt to win the 2014 HSBC Women's Champions.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Tuesday, March 03, 2015 | 5:20 p.m.
UPDATE: "One-putt Paula" has struck again. During the gala to kick off the HSBC Women's Champions in Singapore, defending champion Paula Creamer – decked out in full make-up, party dress and sky-high heels – took a shot on a miniature golf putting green set up for the occasion. She gave her ball a thump and watched it roll and roll – so long that she seemed to give up hope.
But just as she began to turn away, the ball took a carom off the wall and headed straight for the hole. Her eyes widened as it neared the cup, and everyone around her exploded when it jumped right into the hole.
The crowd clamored for her to take another shot, but she smartly declined, saying, "I'm done, I'm done."
Good call, Paula – save that putting mojo for the tournament.
Here's the video of her "party putt," and my original post about her return to the scene of her 75-foot eagle putt is right below it:
Of all the shots in golf over the past year, the one that many of us remember the most is Paula Creamer's snaking 75-foot eagle putt to win the HSBC Women's Champions in Singapore. No doubt you've seen the highlight dozens of time by now – and for good reason. 
It remains one of the longest putts anyone has ever made in a big tournament, and perhaps the longest anyone has ever made to clinch a victory. The highlight made not only sportscasts, but newscasts, all around the world, and Sensota Country Club put a plaque out in the fairway to commemorate the spot from which she hit the shot that led to the putt (you can see it at the bottom of this post). And her dramatic victory, the LPGA said, generated 68 million impressons on Twitter.
Creamer and her LPGA Tour sisters are back in Singapore this week and, sure enough, the Pink Panther took a few minutes to try to recreate that putt. As if cementing its  status as a once-in-a lifetime achievement, she tried it several times and never came real close to making it again.
"I putted to about three, four feet," she said on Tuesday. "I remember this last year, trying to hope that it would stay on the green."
She also got a look at the plaque, which she called "neat to see," and said she enjoyed walking up to the green and just "remembering the moment of that going in." 
At this time last year, she hadn't won in nearly four years and found herself on the second hole of a playoff with Azahara Munoz. She hit the green on the par-5 hole with a 3-wood, but couldn't have been happy to be so far from the cup. But after her putt finally finished its meandering journey to the cup, Creamer – in obvious disbelief – ran off the green, fell to her knees, laughing and pounding the grass.
"It's one of those putts where if you just get it in the right spot, it's going to fall," she said afterward. "But I could stand there all day long and putt that and I don't think get it within six, seven feet."
A full year later, she says the memory remains very strong in her mind.
"I hadn't won for so long [since the 2010 U.S. Women's Open, with several near-misses in between], and that drought and the fashion that it went down, just a playoff, and that long putt, the reaction, everything that came about," she explained. "I just think that it was definitely a moment that I will remember, more in a personal way."
That being said, she's not eager to face the same putt to defend her title this week. 
"I would take a tap-in to win," she admitted.
Here's the putt. Watching it never gets old: