Phil Mickelson hits a shot so good, even he can't describe it

Phil Mickelson flop shot
courtesy YouTube/PGATour
Phil Mickelson's flop shot at the Deutsche Bank left the crowd and fellow players in awe.
By John Kim

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Saturday, August 31, 2013 | 9:13 p.m.
So the thing about the best players in the world - they really are the best players in the world. Not only are they consistently good, even when they struggle, they are ridiculously good.  
Let's talk about, arguably, the most exciting player in the world to watch - Phil Mickelson.  His ability to get on birdie streaks is tremendous, but it's his fearlessness and daring when he's not in the middle of the fairway is what really make him "must see tv."  
Consider what happened on Saturday, during the second round of the Deutsche Bank Championship.  Mickelson, who had flirted with a 59 the day before, was the exact opposite of his opening Phil. He was all over the place, driving it left and right, missing greens, finding bunkers, etc. But do you know what he shot on the day? Even par. How?  Well, shots like the one he hit on hole No. 11.
In short, it was a flop shot from a tough lie in the rough. 
In long, it was a shot that had Tiger Woods and Adam Scott laughing at how good it was. It was a shot that Phil himself noted, "I've not seen anybody else hit that sure looks good."
It was mostly indescribable - even Mickelson said he couldn't describe the mechanics of the shot in a way that people could understand. But it doesn't matter if you can see how great and fun a shot it was.  And you can.  Watch it here. 
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Didn't watch this morning, but regardless of what Garcia does, I'd rather watch Phil any day.


The Golf Channel spend nearly the first hour of this morning show lauding PHIL maybe spent 15 Seconds talking about Sergios 65-64 Rounds...Great shot but most of the round was crap!!!!! But Phil is the great White hope so he gets the ink, Pathetic!!!!!!!