Ranking Tiger Woods' best rounds ever

Tiger Woods
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Which rounds do you think are the best of Tiger Woods' amazing career?

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Published: Friday, February 08, 2013 | 12:34 p.m.


Ranking the best rounds of golf that Tiger Woods has ever played is no easy task -- there are just so many of them to choose from.
However, that didn't deter BleacherReport.com featured columnist Mike Dudurich from taking a crack at it. 
Here's how Dudurich opened the piece:
Tiger Woods has put together a lengthy list of spectacular performances in his PGA Tour, which is what might be expected considering how he dominated the game for a dozen years.
Some have been in majors, some in regular Tour events.
The common thread in his best performances has always been his ability to muster his best on the biggest stages in the game.
Here’s a list of, what I believe to be, his best rounds ever.
You may agree or disagree, but it’s a list of unbelievable rounds.
The fact is, there are a bunch of others that could have made this list too. Woods has had that incredible a career.
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