Your worst on-course blunders

golf blunder
Mike Benzie
A golfer takes a swing at a tee shot during a charity tournament. You probably don't want the ball to get that high that fast with a fairway wood.
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 | 1:05 p.m.

OK, so we're getting a lot of mileage out of the now-famous double-gaffe by Richard H. Lee on the 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass on Sunday in the final round of the Players Championship.

In case you somehow missed it, here is is one last time:



Was it funny? Sure it was... but only because the rest of us can relate to what he was going through.

We've all been in that situation -- like Lee -- where things didn't work out quite as planned with a golf shot. Unlike Lee, chances are your blunder didn't happen in a PGA Tour event.

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To show Lee he's not alone, we asked our friends -- the 233,000+ strong in Facebook Nation (click here to join the masses) -- to share the biggest golf-shot blunder they've personally experienced.

Most of the entires below are hilarious and at least one is a little sad. Want to add to the discussion? Click here.

"Whiffed a putt sitting on the lip in college trying not to step on players line." -- John Farrell

"Taking a practice swing in a sand trap and the club slips down my hands and my club hits the sand." -- Joe Catalfano

"Last week at Bobby Jones Golf Course with Richard Danielson. Hit two straight 'just short' uphill wedge shots that rolled down the hill in front of me back to my feet. But made a tough putt to save 'Double Par!'" -- Mike Benzie

"Par three, back and forth between traps on opposite sides of the green before settling for a nine." -- John Dresko

"Swing and miss the ball completely on the first tee box during league play. Not one of my finer moments." -- Paul Peterson

"Blading a green-side bunker shot and ending up on the tee box of the next hole." -- Eddie Weaver

"Second level PAT in Canada... 36 holes in one day, target score 152. Two shots to play with going to the 35th hole. Striped drive leaves perfect wedge distance to middle of green. Laid sod over the ball so badly that it barely got to the large pond fronting the green. Wind up making triple, missed birdie putt on last hole to miss target by one." -- Ty Woodruff

"Taking practice swing on tee box on rainy day and hybrid slips out of my hands and into pond." -- Chuck Posten

"Knocked away a gimme putt in a tourney where you had to putt out. Then to top it off it went into a water hazard... lost ball." -- Steve DuHamel.





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