Rory McIlroy talks about fiancée, golf and more on Twitter

Rory McIlroy and Caroline Wozniacki
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Who's faster in a footrace, Rory McIlroy or fiancee Caroline Wozniacki? The answer is ... it depends.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, February 05, 2014 | 11:47 p.m.
Rory McIlroy was sitting in the airport on Wednesday, getting ready to fly from, well, somewhere to somewhere else, when his flight got delayed. To fill the time, McIlroy hopped on Twitter and said he’d do a quick Q&A with his 1.8 million followers.
Within minutes, he was flooded with questions ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. But he was game, and answered a couple dozen queries on everything from fiancée Caroline Wozniacki to Manchester United to his favorite movies and TV shows – even some asking for golf advice.
I didn’t ask any questions, but I did enjoy many of his answers. I’ve gone through his prodigious output and culled some of his most interesting responses. Here they are in text form:
@nkeyser3: are you serious with this whole engagement thing? Because I am single and available!
@McIlroyRory: Haha yes very serious! ☺
@JCraw4991: who would win in a 100m dash? You or @CaroWozniacki?
@McIlroyRory: Me but she would kill me at endurance 
@jameshunt96: favourite films?
‏@McIlroyRory: Batman dark knight, Superbad, old school, anchorman 
@whodeani12: What are your favourite tv shows?
@McIlroyRory: Scandal and breaking bad
@min19991: who should united sign in the summer?
@McIlroyRory: Sir Alex?
@realbuckles10: favorite NBA player
@McIlroyRory: D-Wade
@adam_mates: what other sports do you play?
@McIlroyRory: Tennis (mediocre), football (mediocre)
@xSilentSt0rmx: How often do you go to the gym?
@McIlroyRory: Try to get there 5-6 times a week
@davepiercefield: Rory You are a great role model for my 3 boys. Who do you attribute your character to?
@McIlroyRory: My parents
@emily_runs: What has been your favorite tournament you've ever played in? 
@McIlroyRory: Masters followed by Open at St Andrews
@gavo_1980: if u were to choose a major in 2014 to win, what would it be?
@McIlroyRory: Any of them!!!
@AaronBradley31: How do you fancy your chances at this years majors?
@McIlroyRory: I like them, excited for them to get here!
@FinnMcK95: Are you playing the WGC-Match Play?
@McIlroyRory: Yep I'll be there!
@Ro_Fril: when's the next time you'll be playing back home here in Ireland?
@McIlroyRory: Irish open at Fota Island
@peatree18: best thing about being a pro?
@McIlroyRory: Doing what I love for a living!
@PastyMalone: should I spend money on new clubs or lessons?
@McIlroyRory: Lessons
@jhaste76: Rory what's the main thing about hitting your woods off the deck?
@McIlroyRory: Maintain height and spine angle
@PaulHobartGolf: What goes through your mind on your best putting days?
@McIlroyRory: Nothing! Visualize the putt going in and hit it
McIlroy tied for ninth in the Omega Dubai Desert Classic on Sunday, and is next scheduled to play at the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship the week after next. To follow him on Twitter, click here.