Samuel L. Jackson reveals the best celebrity golfer

Samuel L. Jackson om TMZ
Samuel L. Jackson talked golf with TMZ.

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Saturday, April 27, 2013 | 10:21 p.m.

I swear to you that my wife found this item on TMZ, not me. I swear!

While she was perusing the celebrity gossip show on TV this afternoon, she saw an item in which the TMZ guys asked Samuel L. Jackson who the best celebrity golfer is. (Why on earth TMZ had celebrity golf on the brain, I have no idea.)

Jackson laughed, and then said: Kenny G!

The TMZ guys were incredulous, but Jackson promised that Kenny G is indeed the man when it comes to celebrity golf – and then drove away.

Is Jackson correct? Very likely. A few years ago, Golf Digest published a ranking of the top golfing musicians, and Kenny G came in first on their list, with a listed handicap of 0.6. Vince Gill, who we mentioned in our item on George Jones yesterday, was second on that list.

Things could have changed since then, but Kenny G is a regular in all those celebrity pro-ams and he’s probably kept his game in shape. And hey, would Samuel L. Jackson steer us wrong? I think not.

To see the TMZ video clip, click here. But beware, they’re quite irreverent about Kenny G and golf.