Six golf superstars on Twitter

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2012 | 7:57 p.m.

Our friends at Sports Illustrated have just issued their second annual Twitter 100, in which they polled their staffers who are hard-core Twitter users. The question: Which feeds do they consider essential to their daily routine for finding news, information and entertainment from the sports world. They received hundreds of worthy suggestions, but eventually whittled down the list to their top 100.

Here is their take on the six golfers who made the cut (listed in alphabetical order):

Paul Azinger:
The 12-time PGA Tour winner isn't afraid to tweet what's on his mind in golf and beyond.
Sample tweet: "Name all things you CAN'T do while texting. Obviously driving a car's not one of them. #Epidemic"

Bob Estes:
The four-time PGA Tour winner has a great sense of humor, and responds often to followers.
Sample tweet: "What a difference a week makes--firm fairways & greens last week, soft fairways & greens this week. As usual, one good rain was all it took."

Christina Kim:
Funny, honest commentary through the eyes of a professional golfer.
Sample tweet: "Hopefully my putts will allez au chateau demain. That's Franglish to you all. I think."

Paige Mackenzie:
Mackenzie provides great tweets about her life on the LPGA Tour.
Sample tweet: "Overheard: 'I'm single. I call it playing the field, you might call it trying to find prostitutes.' #ToEachHisOwn."

Graeme McDowell:
A devoted tweeter who interacts often with his 380,000+ followers.
Sample tweet: "How come you scrub your teeth like never before and dig out the floss, right before heading to dentist for cleaning/check-up?!#factsoflife."

Bubba Watson:
The self-deprecating Masters champion shares great behind-the-scenes stories from the Tour.
Sample tweet: "Missed the cut, the last 2 days was the worst I have played all year! Got to keep practicing & learn from this! #GolfIsHard."

Can’t disagree with any of the six on the list. Azinger is quite compelling, though his forays into politics seem to turn off as many fans as they turn on. Estes is as thoughtful as he is underrated, while McDowell and Watson can be counted on to always brighten your day.

Kim, for some reason, attracts a ridiculous amount of haters, and I admire her for staying true to herself -- and for staying on Twitter -- despite all the unwarranted criticism she receives. Mackenzie is very smart, and I mean this as no knock against her but there are several other quite interesting female players on Twitter who also deserve many more followers. In fact, I find it quite enlightening to follow the women players as a group and get their take on life on tour – or trying to make it on tour – when many of them aren’t really making a decent living off their winnings., of course is quite active on Twitter – we have about 73,000 followers right now, and you can follow us at

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