Tiger Woods portrait made entirely out of Nike swooshes

Tiger Woods portrait made out of Nike swooshes
Andy Gellenberg via Behance.net
To create his portrait of Tiger Woods, German graphic artist Andy Gellenberg used only color and Nike swooshes.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, September 03, 2014 | 8:25 p.m.
When I was a kid, artist Leroy Neiman created a series of images of golfers and a wide variety of other sporting scenes in a wildly colorful abstract style. I had a poster of one of the golf pictures in my bedroom for a while – and now I can't remember whatever happened to it.
Today, I saw some illustrations that are the closest thing in spirit I've seen to those old Neiman posters in quite some time. One of them is of Tiger Woods – created completely out of Nike swooshes.
These illustrations – there is also one of fellow Nike athlete LeBron James and comedian Paul Rodriguez – are by a German graphic artist named Andy Gellenberg. It might be easy to call them gimmicky, but the nuance required to make them as accurate as they are is quite impressive.
"I am a passionate freelance Illustrator and graphic designer from Germany, looking for new ways to improve," Gellenberg says on the website behance.net. "I'm always interested in using new technics and leaving my comfort zone to push my work."
On behance.net, there are many other examples of his work, including illustrations from the World Cup, concert posters and more. They're all quite eye-catching in their own way. And there's more on Gellenberg, and the history of the Nike Swoosh, on the designfather.com website.
There's no indication that these swoosh portraits will be offered for sale or used in advertising or anything. I'll be curious to see how they'll end up being used.