Trick shot artist Mathias Schjoelberg balances ball on his neck

Mathias Schjoelberg
Mathias Schjoelberg via Instagram
This trick shot from Mathias Schjoelberg requires balance as well as hand-eye coordination.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, September 30, 2015 | 7:37 p.m.
Over the past several months, my colleague T.J. Auclair has brought us several eye-popping trick shots from former Arizona State golfer Matthias Schjoelberg. But T.J.'s been busy lately, so I'm taking it upon myself to share Schjoelberg's latest scintillating shot. 
Schjoelberg, who has embarked on career as a tour player, took to Instagram recently to show us a shot that requires a lot of balance as well as hand-eye coordination. 
Off a mat at a practice facility, I'm presuming in his native Norway, Schjoelberg gently wedges a ball up right in front of him. We've seen LPGA Tour star Brittany Lincicome do something similar by hitting a golf ball so that a piece of candy sitting on top of it pops up and she catches it in her mouth.
It's not snack time for Schjoelberg, though. After he pops his ball up, he steps beneath it – and gingerly catches it on his upper back. Amazing! And then, to top the trick off, he rolls the ball off his back, and whacks it out onto the range. 
I've seen soccer players kick a ball up and nestle it onto their upper backs, but never a golfer. This trick might not be as spectacular as some of the others we've featured, but I think this one is pretty cool. 
Take a look: