Two amazing trick shots from professional riders on dirt bikes

Russell Grove and Taylor Robert
Russell Grove via Instagram
Russell Grove used two golf balls, two clubs, and one buddy on a dirt bike for a very unusual trick shot.
By John Holmes

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Wednesday, March 02, 2016 | 4:00 p.m.
Rickie Fowler is without a doubt the most accomplished golfer who has a motocross background, but he's not the only one. Just recently, we came across Russell Grove, Taylor Robert and Pat Smage, motorcycle champions whose careers span motocross, X Games competition and even enduro racing.
Grove looks to be the big golf enthusiast of the bunch – he posted shots of him playing TPC Scottsdale and attending the Waste Management Phoenix Open last month on social media – and a budding trick-shot artist to boot. He's recently starred in a couple of trick shots that we've never seen before – mostly because they incorporate very cool dirt bikes.
In the first one I’m posting below, Smage rides his bike down onto a little seesaw, which flips a golf ball and a can of Red Bull up into the air. Grove hits the ball in mid-air, while Robert catches the Red Bull can, pops it open and takes a drink. Nice.
The second one, though, is the jewel. Grove is standing out in the desert with two golf balls stacked on a range mat. Robert comes roaring up on his bike and, just as he reaches the mat, Grove takes a full swing – the bottom ball goes flying out into the scrub, while the top one pops straight up into the air.
At that moment, Robert pops a nose-wheelie, and Grove yanks another club off his bike. Robert drives away and Grove smacks the fast-falling top ball with his new club. Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is a trick shot!
Robert "made his first caddie loop today and did quite well," Grove noted on Instagram. Could be a career in golf awaits both these guys down the road.
Here are the videos. Be sure you turn your sound on for full effect: