What rule would you change if you could?

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This week we returned to our PGA.com Facebook Nation of over 350,000 to answer the question: "If you could change one rule of golf, what would it be?" Over 200 responses rolled in with a wide variety of answers.
By Matt S. Craig

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Friday, June 10, 2016 | 6:02 p.m.

It's a common scene: a PGA Tour player crouched next to a tree or a bush with a rules official huddled next to him.

The rules of golf are an essential part of the game. But at times they can be complicated, and players want to both avoid penalty and give themselves any advantage they can.

Who can forget Tiger Woods calling upon dozens of gallery members to move the boulder at TPC Scottsdale in 1999?

But as the game evolves, so can the rules. Throughout history, a few small tweaks and changes have been made to make the game as fair as possible.

So we thought it natural to ask, what rule of golf would you change if you could? And you all did not disappoint, turning in over 250 comments and responses.

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Here's a collection of our favorites:

Phil Verzosa + 21 others: Any ball that comes to rest in a sand filled divot in any fairway situation. One club face length you get to lift, clean, and place the ball in the fairway out of the divot. This rule has always been my pet peeve. Why should every golfer be penalized for doing what they need to on the hole?

Scott Flager + 7 others: Ability to repair any spike mark or anything on your line of putt on the green hands down. I posed this same question to 2 LPGA pros in a dinner conversation and their answer was immediate and in line with this answer.

John Boutet + 3 others: Stroke and distance needs to be changed. Slows game up way too much. Everything should be like lateral hazard rule.

Jim Deschur + 2 others: That we cannot use our foot wedge to kick the ball from the rough to the middle of the fairway.

Gitesh Maharaj + 1 other: I would change the rule of dropping a ball in a bunker. I had a 140 metre shot and hit it out of bounds, I dropped another and the ball gets half plug making it Impossible to even reach the green after incurring penalty shot for the drop as well.

Don Marsters: Allow PGA players to wear shorts in the summer.

Kenny Midgett: Let the pros use range finders...it will speed up the game.

Tony Shaker: Banning high tops and joggers.

James O'Donoghue: Allow relief for footprints and rake marks in bunkers. Far too many people play golf and either don't rake the bunkers or rake them incorrectly leaving the next person in the bunker with an almost impossible shot.

Will Berg: I'd like to have Bubba Watson be my designated hitter on all par 5s.

Jackson Khoo Teik Kwan: Free drop when the ball stuck in the tree!!! I hate this rule cuz a few weeks ago I had a junior tournament and my ball was stuck in a hole of a tree's root! And the next hole was the same as well! And both times the referee said its a integral part of the course so no free drop and I must play as it lies or drop under ball unplayable rule. Those holes cost me at least 4 strokes.

Damien Dziepak: No more caddies and let it be a true single person competition!

Thanks for all the responses and stay tuned to our Facebook page here

Matt S. Craig is a PGA.com intern and a Digital Sports Production student at Ball State University.