When hitting a golf ball off a frozen pond goes wrong

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What could possibly go wrong when you attempt to hit your golf ball off of a frozen pond? Luckily for us, we'll never need to ponder that question again after watching this guy's video.
By T.J. Auclair
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Published: Monday, December 19, 2016 | 2:20 p.m.


Much of the country is getting hit hard with freezing cold temperatures.

As most of us in those places know -- just because it's freezing doesn't mean you get still play some golf... especially if your course isn't covered in snow.

One of the great things in playing in freezing temps aside from the potential hypothermia, of course, is that hazards that are typically hazards, might not be hazards anymore.

The key word to stress in that last sentence is "might."

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That brings us to this gentleman who, ahem, lucked out when his ball came to rest in the middle of a frozen over pond. Sweet, no penalty for a water ball, right?

That's what he was thinking.

You probably know how this ends, but it's still worth a look:

He's going to need a few adult beverages by the fire at the 19th hole to warm up from that.

(h/t Golf Digest)


T.J. Auclair is a Senior Interactive Producer for PGA.com and has covered professional golf since 1998, traveling to over 60 major championships. You can follow him on Twitter, @tjauclair.