Fans share wild golf stories Facebook stories
Dan Lewis / Special to Facebook fan Dan Lewis has a visitor behind him on the course.

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Published: Friday, June 27, 2014 | 8:02 a.m.

We asked. You delivered. Boy, did you ever. asked our Facebook friends about unique occurrences on the golf course. There were tales of reptile encounters, ill-timed duck hooks, seismic activity and even sasquatches.  


Here’s a sampling of some of the more peculiar tales. Make sure to add your wild golf course memory on our Facebook page.

  • “My father and I were almost hit by a crash landing six-person airplane. That is 100-percent truth. Went about 15 feet over our heads on the first tee and landed on the No. 9 fairway. Surreal!” -- Jack Crowley
  • “While working in the pro shop we got a Big Foot costume and had a 6 foot 8 kid that also worked there run around the course in it from time to time.” -- David Garland
  • “A hole closed in Alaska due to a moose killed by a bear in the middle of the fairway. They have to wait till the bear doesn't return for a few days. Needless to say I put me down for a birdie on that hole.” -- Tom Schipper
  • "Hitting a duck hook into a funeral procession and hitting not just any car but THE car. ... That's right, I hit the hearse." -- Kelvin Smith.
  • “I was on the golf course just out of Jakarta, Indonesia when a 7.1 Earthquake hit. There was no noise (as nowhere near city or any buildings) so we just at first felt sick and giddy before we realized we were swaying, only then did we realise it was an earthquake. A very interesting experience." -- Jordan Badwater Baker
  • “A fox stealing my ball off the green before I could putt.” -- Jennifer Mazzarolo
  • “A 12-foot python in the rough at the Royal Cape Golf Course in Cape Town South Africa....” --Justin Russell
  • “I saw a tarantula on the green. Apparently every year they travel from one side of this hill to the other. Looks like the mound is moving. Creepy.” -- Chris Beaty
  • “Two paratroopers landing on the 8th fairway (Army base nearby, lost their way while training) ... wish I had a camera then, would've been a hoot to show on the Internet.” -- Cleveland de Jesus
  • "A water dropping helicopter using the water hazards as a water source to fight fire outside of L.A. at Angeles National Golf Course." -- Greg Brinson

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