Readers share wildest putts

Harbor Shores
PGA of America
The 10th hole at Harbor Shores is considered to be one of the hardest greens in golf.
By Andrew Prezioso

Series: Golf Buzz

Published: Thursday, October 30, 2014 | 1:00 p.m.

We all know that putting is key to any good round of golf. Some putts are easy, others are, well, not so much. 

You may have seen this video (golfer makes insane 3-foot putt) we shared Thursday morning of what should have been an easy 3-foot putt turned into a wild adventure. That got us thinking, what's the wildest and craziest putt you've ever faced. 

So we posed this quesiton to our fans on Facebook, and here are our nine favorite responses.

1. John Simmons: My second junior tournament I was up 1 stroke on the 17th. I had a 40-foot double breaker downhill and nailed it. Won the tournament.

2. Jim Holthus: Had six footer playing in 35- to 45-mile hour wind. I aimed 6 feet right, tapped it and wind blew it in.

3. Greg Elk: Once had about a 90-foot putt with about 20 feet of break. I hit it, and it was on-line. And bam holed that sucker for eagle on a par 5. Lucky it went dead center because I definitely hit it too hard. Hit the back of the cup, jumped about a foot in the air and landed in the hole. Will never forget that one.

4. Justin Russell: Had a 100 footer for bird, and told my buddy 5 bucks if it drops. I drained it to the sound of a lot of family names..

5. John Dresko: Legacy GC, Henderson, Nev. Pin front left, ball back right. Par 5, 40-foot downhill with 10 feet of break left to right. Hit it too hard, but it dove right into the cup for an eagle. If it kept going, it would have been rinsed.

6. Linda Kawaguchi: 151-foot putt that I made in one. Angel park, Las Vegas, Nev., at the putting course with a balcony full of spectators!

7. Robert Bicknell: 90-foot, triple break downhill with green speed that day measuring 12 on the stimp.

8. John Davis: Wicked Stick at Myrtle Beach. At the 14th hole I just hit front of green, said I hope to get within 5 feet of hole hitting to the back right 60 feet with a 10-foot break and a .05 percent chance of holing it. It went in center cup at a perfect speed. Best putt I ever hit.

9. Bryn Evans: First time I ever hit a 35-foot putt like a 2 footer Cascata near Las Vegas. Didn't believe the fore caddie when he said hit it like it's a 2 footer. Drained it and still one of the best/memorable birdies I've ever made.






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